What you will notice about this site…

I’m going with low-cost tools.

I want to typify a new side hustler’s possible first steps.

So, I’m just using Gmail without a personalized domain.

And I use Pixabay and Unsplash for images. [Apologies ahead of time if I forget to attribute the work to the artist. Feel free to remind me to do so.]

Part of this inspiration came from Chris Guillebeau’s book The $100 Startup.

— My links are non-affiliated. In other words, I just like the products I mention or recommend and am not profiting from those links. If that policy changes, I’ll let you know.

— I’ll make mistakes, perhaps on purpose, so I–AND YOU–can learn from them.

— I’ve written for many years and I provide generally mistake-free copy. BUT I’m working on following the credo of ‘Done is better than perfect…because perfect is impossible anyway’ .
In fact, I’m going to publish this post even though it isn’t as complete as I would like. [I’m in the middle of a Pat Flynn e-mail strategies webinar.]

Before I click ‘Publish’,
by all means check in with questions and requests at:

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