Suggestion #3: Get to know Nick Loper

Nick Loper is the creator of Side Hustle Nation.

I’ve subscribed to his weekly newsletter for over two years. His interview-based podcasts–30 or more minutes vs. Chris Guillebeau’s 8-12 minute episodes– are often built around one individual’s lessons, failures, successes, and strategies.

I recently ran across this page on his site: 23 Famous Quotes About Hustling

Take time to visit his blog, especially the right column where he lists his greatest hits, including:

  • 99 Side Hustle Business Ideas You Can Start Today
  • 200+ Ways You Can Earn Money in Your Spare Time
  • 25 Ways I Make Passive Income + 46 More Ideas That Actually Work
    Note: Most of us over time are aiming for ‘passive income’ is our ultimate goal [vs. trading time for dollars.]

His podcast page is also a winner: The Side Hustle Show. He has taken the time to create two topic-specific ‘mixtapes’ from his nearly 400 podcasts–one on blogging and one on freelancing.


Thanks for visiting. As always, check in with questions and requests in the comments box:

Tim H.

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