Suggestion #5: list of ideas

Okay, okay, okay…enough with the idea lists already! So, unless I find another one with more unique items, this one from is the last I’ll share for awhile. Most of these are basic ‘trading time for dollars’ ideas, but these first posts of sidehustlecurator are meant to stir the pot and get people thinking.

Come to think of it, I’ll add a page just for lists…I mean, what in blazes kind of curator am I if I didn’t have lists? [One of my favorite ways to use lists: ‘hybrid-thinking. My oversimplified definition: cross-pollinate two ideas into one product or service.]

Note: A side benefit of this blog–I’m constantly learning about or being reminded of contributors and resources like R.L. Adams [the topic of the next post] and CafePress.

My previous lists:

Nick Loper’s 99 ideas for side hustles.

Chris Guillebeau’s list of 50 ideas for side hustles.

Thanks for visiting. As always, check in with questions and requests in the comments below
Also, let me know if there’s anything I’ve provided that has helped you in some small way.

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