Suggestion #9: Look into freebies for a side hustle kickstart and…

another list.

Yes, I promised that I would include a list only if it stood out. Today, Nick Loper updated his 150+ Real Ways to Make Extra Money in 2020. Note: While lists can be overwhelming, I use them to push my ‘what if…?’ thinking or to find ideas that might be combined.

Okay, on to the ‘freebies’ portion of the show…

StackSkills Side Hustle Bundle

Today, and for the next couple of posts, I will share freebies for side hustlers, as well as other links, including one to Shannon Mattern, who has produced 286 Pep Talks for Side Hustlers podcasts.

I’m going to start with the reading skills mini-course. [Honest, amping up your reading can help you cover lots of content in shorter amounts of time.]

Let me know what you think. Pretty good for the price.

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