Suggestion #18: Explore CopyBlogger

Last week I pointed you to a free training by two contributors to CopyBlogger and shared some of my notes from that training.

Find some time to visit

Some recent visits yielded these valuable articles:

The Wise Content Marketer’s Guide to Sensible SEO

Author Sonia Simone opens with this:

“My first and primary rule, when thinking about search engines, is never to do anything for the sake of SEO that screws up the experience for the audience.”

She follows with nine suggestions, including:

  1. Answer your audience’s actual questions.
  2. Use their language.
  3. Give comprehensive answers.

Point #3 leads logically to this CopyBlogger piece by Stefanie Flaxman…

How to Turn One Content Idea Into a Fascinating Four-Part Series


Note: Any included links are not affiliate links. I just think these sites, specialists, and resources are worth your limited time.

Thanks for visiting.

As always, check in with questions and requests in the comments

or the Feedback and Requests Page.

Let me know if any of the content has helped you in some small way.

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