Circling back to a side hustler interview

Let’s revisit–in more detail–resources I’ve suggested in previous posts.

Today, I’ll condense the first ESI Money interview suggested in this post.
Lots of valuable information in the interviews, but I can’t very well copy/paste acres of the content, so I’ve provided a short background followed by advice and lessons learned.

Erik from The Mastermind Within is the guest.

Background: At the time of the interview [May, 2019], three main side hustles—house hacking, consulting and freelance web design—made up the majority of his side income.

1. Creation of something new seems to be a lot harder than stepping into a role which already exists.
2. Focus is incredibly important in life. I was trying to do too much, and when I started, I didn’t have the time to fully dive in and give it my all.
3. Luck doesn’t happen unless you put yourself in those situations where you can “get” lucky.
4. For my subscription box, which I started in 2017 and have since closed down, I ended up closing out with a loss of roughly $20,000. I did make roughly $15,000 in revenue, but I wasn’t passionate about it.
5. Think about this for a second: in 5 years, you’ll be on this Earth for 43,800 hours. How many hours does it take to implement your idea? 100?

Readers: I hope this helped.

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