Suggestion #40: Get freebies from The Money Tree book site

Chris Guillebeau’s latest book points readers to resources on his website, including The Third Way Manifesto and a reader’s guide to his The Money Tree book.

Reminder: These aren’t affiliated links. I just want to point you to helpful content from successful folks.

Challenge: Give even a single minute to an item and nail down some positive lesson, additional link, or reminder.

Okay, I’ll do that riiiiight now with the manifesto…

There! During that 60 seconds, I scanned the three-page manifesto [big font size…I liked that.] and these points popped out at me.

  • Don’t be vague—tell people exactly what you’re offering,
    why it will help them, and how they can buy it.
  • Launch before you’re ready and improve as you go.

Had I come across these points before? Yep. Still, they were valuable reminders to not get stuck on the small details and occasionally keep a ‘minimum viable product’ mentality.

One thought on “Suggestion #40: Get freebies from The Money Tree book site

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