Suggestion 45: A pep talk from Chris Guillebeau

Monday seems like a good day for a pep talk…

Chris Guillebeau–side hustler, author, and podcaster [1283 consecutive episodes and counting]–sends out a weekly email. Subscribe here.

A few favorite excerpts from today’s…

Subject: If You Haven’t Started That Project Yet, Why Not?

  • …I had to make a rule that the answer [to a request for advice] couldn’t be “Just start”—because that’s what about half of the people said. “Just start” is frustrating to hear when you’re unable to get started.
  • One way or another, the pain of making a change has to become less than the pain of remaining where you are.
  • …the real imposter is the part of you that hesitates.
  • You don’t need to have a strategy, a complete roadmap, or the certainty of a predetermined outcome…All you need is a single action…
  • ask yourself how you’ll feel a year from now if you DON’T start that thing you’re thinking about.

Go take a few first steps, folks.
I’ll report in on my first steps.

One thought on “Suggestion 45: A pep talk from Chris Guillebeau

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