Suggestion 50: How To Market Yourself Online [freebie]

Image by muneebfarman from Pixabay 

A two-hour course–one of three offered by Shannon Mattern. I realize ‘free’ usually includes sharing your email address, but for what the mini-course offers [I’m listening to it now.], it seems well worth your email address.

  • The “secret” 5 step formula for getting website visitors and turning them into customers.
  • 5 marketing myths keeping you busy, stuck and broke.
  • The only 4 things you need to set up to market yourself online.
  • 5 common marketing mistakes (and what to do instead).
  • How you can get started authentically marketing yourself right away!

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The author, T. Haag, is now 240+ sidehustlecurator posts into this little hunt-and-share project. As he works on his own stuff, he likes learning:

— what others are doing to create additional income for themselves

— side hustlers’ successful strategies

— solo entrepreneurs’ favorite tools

Hoping that you find something useful among these posts.

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