Suggestion 58: Check out this free illustrations site

Created by Samuel Briskar & Ade Hidayat

Let’s start the week with a freebie.

Fee-free, attribution-free [though encouraged] ** click here.

The illustration style and subjects are wide-ranging, but then, so are the needs of side hustlers, so there should be something you could use, if not for business purposes, then for ‘playtime’ while texting or emailing.


  1. Click on the collection that interests you. I chose .
  2. Click ‘Visit Site’.
  3. Click ‘Browse Now’. I hovered over the ‘Problem-solving’ image.
  4. I get the choice to download either the SVG or the PNG version of the image.
  5. I download the PNG version.
  6. And here it is…

Here are a few samples from the 80+ collections featured on the site.


So, set aside some time to explore. [This post took me waaay longer than I intended–got sidetracked by all the interesting freebies.]

Have a great week and let me know how I can assist-by-curation.

** Free for commercial and personal use under CC0 license.

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