Suggestion 52: Follow CEOs’ advice.

The advice–published May 28, 2020–can be found here.

Jaime Schmidt authored this post and is the founder of Schmidt’s Naturals, and co-founder of Supermaker and Color

Other CEOs quoted:
Karissa Bodnar, founder and CEO of Thrive Causemetics.
Jeff Raider, co-founder and CEO of Harry’s
Jaclyn Johnson, founder and CEO of Create & Cultivate
Helena Price Hambrecht, founder of Haus
Beatrice Dixon, founder and CEO of The Honey Pot
Supermaker co-founder Chris Cantino

Suggestion 50: How To Market Yourself Online [freebie]

Image by muneebfarman from Pixabay 

A two-hour course–one of three offered by Shannon Mattern. I realize ‘free’ usually includes sharing your email address, but for what the mini-course offers [I’m listening to it now.], it seems well worth your email address.

  • The “secret” 5 step formula for getting website visitors and turning them into customers.
  • 5 marketing myths keeping you busy, stuck and broke.
  • The only 4 things you need to set up to market yourself online.
  • 5 common marketing mistakes (and what to do instead).
  • How you can get started authentically marketing yourself right away!

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The author, T. Haag, is now 240+ sidehustlecurator posts into this little hunt-and-share project. As he works on his own stuff, he likes learning:

— what others are doing to create additional income for themselves

— side hustlers’ successful strategies

— solo entrepreneurs’ favorite tools

Hoping that you find something useful among these posts.

Suggestion 47: Oh geeeeez, not more self-discipline!

thanks to Dave Lowe/Unsplash

Okay, yes, of course, don’t look at me like that. But I’ll admit it–this suggestion applies more to me than to others.

But I found some good self-discipline tips at They seem easy, high up in the ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ category. And yet…I hadn’t thought of them.

  1. Write down your reasons for self-discipline.
  2. Prepare a plan for what you’ll say or do if temptation arises.
  3. Combine something you want to do with something you need to do.

Look for a few ideas that help you to move forward.

And let’s hope we all avoid the dreaded…

Thanks to Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

Taking a first step

In Suggestion 45, I encouraged you/me/us to take a forward step or two in your side hustles.

I realize that every day you’re taking forward steps. Researching is a forward step. Tweeting out a mini-promo of your hustle is a forward step. Reading for inspiration is too.

But I guess I was aiming at exploring ‘something new’.

So I followed through. Here…

As the page tells you, I’ll be following a guide. In fact, I plan on relying on advice from various sources, many of whom you’ve seen mentioned here.

So feel free to check in as I wend my way through the process.

Nothing fancy. Nothing dramatic. Just a way to keep me exploring and to step up my game a bit.

Suggestion 46: Stop Trading Time for Money! 71 Passive Income Ideas

Just received this list from Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation…

In today’s email, Nick leads with a Warren Buffett quote…

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Something just a little unnerving about that quote. There is such a finality to it, right? Death being fairly ‘final’ and all…

Anyway, follow that link, where he shares four main types of passive income, as well as his own streams.

Find something easy and low-risk and test the market.

Reminder: No affiliate links; just items you might find helpful or interesting or worth passing along to others.

Thanks for visiting.

Some ideas that caught my eye…

  • Digital product sales on FIVERR
  • Fundrise
  • Create an email course
  • Turn your car into a mobile billboard

For a subject-by-subject look at sidehustlecurator,
check out my Posts Organized by Topic page.

Forge ahead, side hustlers!

Suggestion 45: A pep talk from Chris Guillebeau

Monday seems like a good day for a pep talk…

Chris Guillebeau–side hustler, author, and podcaster [1283 consecutive episodes and counting]–sends out a weekly email. Subscribe here.

A few favorite excerpts from today’s…

Subject: If You Haven’t Started That Project Yet, Why Not?

  • …I had to make a rule that the answer [to a request for advice] couldn’t be “Just start”—because that’s what about half of the people said. “Just start” is frustrating to hear when you’re unable to get started.
  • One way or another, the pain of making a change has to become less than the pain of remaining where you are.
  • …the real imposter is the part of you that hesitates.
  • You don’t need to have a strategy, a complete roadmap, or the certainty of a predetermined outcome…All you need is a single action…
  • ask yourself how you’ll feel a year from now if you DON’T start that thing you’re thinking about.

Go take a few first steps, folks.
I’ll report in on my first steps.

Suggestion 44: Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Nation Quarterly Report

This isn’t Nick, who’s probably juggling parent time with business time. ;->

Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation sends his quarterly reports to his subscribers. Very instructive. Always new content and ideas to consider.

A few items of note from his most recent:

1. “The bigger story is that the site got whacked by the May 4th Google algorithm update, which trimmed off 20-30% of the search traffic overnight. Ouch!”

2. “The tallest spikes on the [traffic growth] chart this time all coincide with my weekly newsletters…”

3. “Best performing [email] subject line this quarter: “Retired at 37” – 28.5% open rate.

4. “In 2020, I feel like the value of a freebie “ebook” is greatly diminished. “Oooh a PDF!” –said no one ever…

Plus, 65% of my traffic is mobile. It doesn’t make sense to have people pinching and zooming a PDF in order to consume the content.

So what I’m testing instead is creating a private, mobile-friendly page here on the site. I don’t have the best metrics, but it seems to be getting more engagement so far.”

5. “In an effort to start creating more / better video content, I actually moved my workstation out of the closet and into a corner of master bedroom. The light is much better!

That said, I believe there’s an 80/20 —definition— to video production. I don’t plan to compete with the super well-produced cinematic videos…” 

Again, here is the link to Nick’s report. I think you’ll find it informative.

In the meantime, stay…

Have a great 4th of July weekend.

See you on Monday.