Suggestion 70: Today’s freebie from StartUpNation

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Navigating Covid-19

Three of the included sections:

  • Ways to unlock your entrepreneurial spirit during quarantine
  • Business industries thriving during the pandemic—and new opportunities to start a business
  • Tech trends to watch

Some of the book’s ‘actionable steps’ include:

  • Research
  • Get in the right frame of mind
  • Plan for the future
  • I especially liked the ‘create a pitch deck‘ suggestion.

Ideas on preparing your business for ‘after Covid-19’:

  • Revamp your marketing strategy. Check for materials that are now outdated or that–in this new environment–might even appear insensitive.
  • Offer more online events and experiences
  • Stay connected with customers via emails and surveys. [How about a short video message straight from you?]

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