Suggestion 82: Growing Your Blog–tips from

Still curating content from ryrob’s 40 Blogging Tips and Advice From Top Bloggers in 2020.

A few paraphrased nuggets from the second section, Growing Your Blog.

  1. Every time you communicate, you’re selling. Add value each time you post. — Hiten Shah
  2. Create meaningful connections with readers. — Mariah Coz
  3. Get out from behind your screen and meet people. — Tommy Griffith
  4. Early on, build habits that lead to later success. — James Clear
  5. Read your competitor’s content, then one-up it. — Garrett Moon
  6. Find your readers, then reach out. — Poornima Vijayashanker
  7. Produce where your audience already is. [ex.] –Austin Belcak
  8. Goal: Consistently great content at rates steered by reader response.
  9. Build your email list from Day 1. — Alexis Grant

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