Side Hustle Spark 103: Side Hustle Failures

This post from AcceleratedFI reviews the writer’s side hustle flops and there is tons to learn here.

Some of the oops moments:

  • Violating someone’s patent
  • Following the allure of ‘cost per click’ and creating sites around products [i.e. tooth implants] he knew nothing about.
  • Inventing a product, but victimized by poor performance at the Asian factory.
  • And in his ‘garlic press’ venture…”This meant if I sold them for $10 and Amazon took a $4 cut for fulfillment/shipping fees, I was netting $6 and my cost was $7.50. I’m losing $1.50 on every sale I make…”

The post does lead off with:
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by PSECU, a Pennsylvania-based credit union but hey, I’m there to glean a little information, so, not a problem.

Jim has since moved on to more successful ventures and offers his free PDF of his 7 favorite side hustles here.

Side Hustle Spark 102: Freebie email course (Meera Kothand)

Here is a link to Meera Kothand’s free Email Lists for Newbies.

She has churned out helpful (and affordable) books: But I’m Not An Expert, The One-Hour Content Plan, and 300 Email Marketing Tips, among others. (not affiliate links)

For more resources, spend time at her website. (Future posts will most likely point you to some of those same items.)

Side Hustle Spark 101: (Lise Cartwright)

Sometimes, obvious stuff just flies right past you. (And by ‘you’, I mean ‘me’, but hey, why not drag someone else into my vortex of obliviousness?)

Somehow, despite having visited her website and run across her books on Amazon, I’ve casually dropped the ball on highlighting her work.

My apologies.

Sticking with my ‘back to the basics’ thread from Spark #100, here is Lise’s methodical, thorough post on starting and maintaining a side hustle.

I think her ‘action steps’ corresponding to each of the steps set this post apart from others with the same focus.

NOTE: This post is from 2017. I asked if it’s been updated. Still valuable, but something to keep in mind.

Also…Lise’s Amazon Author’s Page Link

Side Hustle Suggestion 99: The Ten Commandments

Taking a look at the big picture of side hustling, this post by Jeff Haden offers The Ultimate Side-Hustle How-to Guide: 10 Rules for Side-Hustle Success

Some resonating points:

“Instead, do what Dharmesh Shah recommends: Rather than finding a way to make a million dollars, find a way to serve a million customers. Start small.”

“If it doesn’t pay, put it away.”

“Never forget that the fun is in the doing — not the thinking.”

“…when you choose the right side hustle, and you give it your all, that means you’re making the most of every hour you have.
Which is the perfect definition of “me time.”
And is the best way to truly live.”

Side Hustle Suggestion 98: Valuable content from Side Hustle School Show Notes

Chris Guillebeau has produced well over 1300 podcasts.

How to curate all that info?

I went to the show notes repository at
clicked the ‘tag’ button, and selected a search term.

The GIF above condenses the steps.

Important: Click more than one tag to narrow (or widen) your search.

Side Hustle Suggestion 96: Email marketing podcast (with Daniel Throssell)

Side Hustle Nation podcast episode #404 features Daniel Throssell of

Four takeaways:

  • Let your personality come through. (That’s Daniel’s #1 tip.)
  • Create a lead magnet that folks will actually consume!
  • Don’t ‘templatize’ [my term] your welcome email.
  • Use personal stories, but keep them succinct. [Don’t evoke the ‘Ugh, this is filler!’ reaction.]

Gotta say, the Side Hustle Nation folks do a great job of listing the interview’s key points and their exact location for those of us who have an itchy fast-forward finger. Love that feature.