Side Hustle Suggestion 88: When/if you’re stuck…

For me, yes, I’m stuck inside because the air is smoke-filled from the 50 mph winds pushing residue from the distant wildfires. So, I should be knocking it out of the park. Instead…blah. Just lip-diddling and finding any possible reason to not produce.

Finally, I opened the laptop and Googled ‘side hustlers stuck’.

Result–an 8-minute Pep Talk for Side Hustlers, episode 90 from Shannon Mattern.

Feeling stuck? Here’s what to do instead.

A valuable excerpt:


  • So what if I pitch myself and no one books me?
  • So what if I start a YouTube Channel and no one watches it?
  • So what if I write a book and no one reads it?
  • So what if I start a podcast and no one listens?
  • So what if it takes me a year to transform my body?
  • I know that I have something of value to share. And I know I can help people change their lives. And I won’t let the Bully in My Head stop me.

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