Side Hustle Suggestion 89: Balancing side hustle with your job–3 tips

For those readers juggling both job and side hustle, bravo. (Of course, this being pandemic times, I’m sending you good vibes that you have a job.)

So, how to weave the hustle into your daily routine?

This 2018 article by CNBC’s Simon Slade offers 3 tips to make it work. (While I do supply key points, I encourage you to read the entire 800-word piece.)

Create specific hours.

“…even for just a half hour. Routine is key.”

Get comfortable with the word ’no’. 

“If you don’t have the bandwidth, don’t take it on.”

Look for crossover opportunities.

“When you find certain skills or activities that can serve both your side hustle and your full-time job, practice them.”

The author’s final point: Above all, maintain your own health and sanity. 

In this weird thing called 2020, AMEN!
(As I write this, I’m essentially a shut-in amidst hour 40
of smoke-filled skies and falling ash– a 99% shut-in.)

  • Hang in there, side hustlers or whatever you want to call yourselves.
  • I’ve been reading some stuff that questions the wisdom of all this extra hustle-related exertion–one of the reasons I posted this.
  • Either way, and for whatever reasons you’re going this route (short of shady deals), I’m in your corner.

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