Side Hustle Spark 112: Rebel Boss Summit

This looks very interesting if you have the time to drop in.

The Rebel Boss Virtual Summit.

Lots of sessions. The listing is here.

OCTOBER 19 – 22, 2020

The free entrance entitles you to live coverage, no replays.

All-Access Pass is $47. Power Pack is $97

Details here.

Prices Increase When Timer Runs Out. As of this writing, I have 18 minutes to opt-in before prices rise.

Okay, my time ran out…The prices did increase from $47 to $77 for the All-Access Pass and $97 to $127 for the Power Pack.

A reminder: I’m not affiliated with the Summit. Just passing along info and opportunities.

**A thought: I know some folks who use their screen recording software to record the sessions for later viewing. Again, just a thought.

Some of the bonuses offered IF you upgrade to the Power Pack:


So, if you have a little loose cash and some time on your hands, it would seem you could easily earn back the price of admission with a few of the sessions and bonuses tailored to your needs. OR, like me, just show up and watch, take notes…

**Another thought…would be interesting to set up a Zoom session with some others and ‘attend together’ on another screen.

Side Hustle Spark 111: Pat Flynn’s The Income Stream

206 straight episodes of his The Income Stream YouTube channel
and counting for Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

On the weekends, he does live reviews of websites and YouTube channels submitted by visitors.

In fact, for a more detailed, informative shortcut through this model of a consistent ‘value-added’ approach, let’s take a look at his The Income Stream Clips channel .

Side Hustle Spark 110: More on Jon Corres’ faceless YouTubing

Following up on Side Hustle Spark 109, here are a few links to Jon Corres’ work…

5 Faceless Viral YouTube Channel Ideas YOU CAN DO

How to Find YOUR Niche on YouTube in 5 MINUTES

5 SUPER EASY Side Hustles for Teenagers Online 2019!! (Hey, if you have some kids who need to fill their time…and line their [or your!] pocketbooks!)

My thinking: Even if a video has only a few views, the value is in the ideas that resonate with you and your skills and knowledge/expertise.

Side Hustle Spark 109: Jon Corres–faceless YouTubing

Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation is back with another valuable interview.

How I make $10,000+ on YouTube
WITHOUT Filming or Being on Camera

In the interview, Jon Corres explains his ‘follow-the-YouTube algorithm/ad-monetized’ video approach.

Production cost: Approximately $100 per video.

Once established, one of his channels will make an average of $300-$400 per day.

To quote from Nick’s weekly email (Oct. 8):

As we got to talking, I realized this strategy is pretty similar to blogging and SEO.

You see what’s already performing well, and try and make something a little better.

The real wildcard when it comes to video over text, though, is the YouTube algorithm, which can push something to millions of views seemingly overnight.

(As the word cloud above tells us, one of Jon’s videos this year has 8 million views and earned $18k in 9 months. Topic: JoJo Siwa)

A few suggestions from Jon:

  1. Look for videos where there are more viewers than subscribers. [Baseline is 300,000 views.]

2. Keyword placement ‘shoulds’:

  • In the title of the video
  • Within the first line of the description for the video
  • In the tags

3. When making Top Ten videos, make list items #10, #9, and #8 (i.e. the first items viewers see) captivating enough to keep viewers’ attention—–then heighten the interest level of items #2 and #1 so viewers aren’t disappointed.

Side Hustle Spark 108: Actions tell your story.

In Side Hustle Suggestions 92 and 93, I mentioned Derek Sivers and his book Hell Yeah or No: What’s Worth Doing. Here is the detailed overview.

Today, I’ll look at the excerpt Actions, Not Words, Reveal Our True Values.

Four main points that speak to side hustlers…

as well as me.

1. Derek’s coach to Derek: “You actually prefer the simple life you have now, focused on learning, writing, and playing with your kid.”

2. “I had been fooling myself for years, telling myself I wanted to do this, but my actions proved otherwise. Yes, I wanted it a little bit, but I wanted something else more.”

3. No matter what you tell the world or tell yourself, your actions reveal your real values.Your actions show you what you actually want.

4. There are two smart reactions to this:

  1. Stop lying to yourself, and admit your real priorities.
  2. Start doing what you say you want to do, and see if it’s really true.

I guess the advice to all of us is: Before you follow that next shiny object, take the time to look inward a bit.

Side Hustle Spark 107: Pat Flynn’s Podcasting the Smart Way (Freebie)

Image: Kate Oseen [Unsplash]

If you haven’t tried podcasting for any number of reasons [time constraints, ‘my voice sounds geeky’, ‘I don’t have enough to say’, paralyzing fear of failure and embarrassment…okay, okay, not exactly talking it up, am I?], give this a try tomorrow.

Yes, there will most likely be a pitch to join a paid program, but Pat Flynn always shares plenty during his free sessions.

From his weekly The Smart Digest (Oct. 2): “Learn how to create a podcast that gets found and helps grow your business! In this free webinar on October 6 at 11:00 Pacific, Pat will share strategies he has used on his award-winning podcasts, the Smart Passive Income Podcast and the AskPat Podcast, as well as methods used by his hundreds of podcasting students. You’ll get advice on:

  • Why to start a podcast
  • How to get started
  • What to do to get started

Here is the link to register.

Reminder: Just passing along resources that might be helpful for you or any of your acquaintances/family, etc. No profit or perks are forthcoming from the subjects of these posts.
Forge ahead, side hustlers!

Side Hustle Spark 106:

mindmap of content

hustleandconquer gets to the heart of many side hustlers’ needs and interests.

Check out his Gumroad store, as well. His book selection has changed since I first visited, but his reasonably priced content is worth a look, including the possibility of a freebie or two.

Reminder: No one is giving me perks or $$ to promote. The sites look interesting and potentially valuable for folks looking to make some extra money. Even if the topics look overly familiar, the ideas and strategies behind them might be unique and more to your liking than others you’ve tried.