Side Hustle Spark 126: 101 Conversion Strategies (Copyblogger)

sales conversion strategy ideas word cloud

Sonia Simone of Copyblogger really outdid herself with this Nov. 2 post.

This is another one of those ‘course within a blog post’ items. So much to consider.

101 Ways to Make More Sales Online

Here’s a sampling of some of her more intriguing ideas/reminders…

— “Test two headlines. When you find a winner, run it against a new headline. Keep eliminating second-best. Google Ads is a quick and efficient way to do this.”

— “Now that you’ve identified your fundamental human need, how can that be expressed in an emotion-based headline?

This one really captured my attention…

— “If you have a dog, use a photo of you with your dog instead. There’s something about a dog that lowers nearly everyone’s defenses.”

Have a great Monday.

I couldn’t resist…

2 thoughts on “Side Hustle Spark 126: 101 Conversion Strategies (Copyblogger)

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