Side Hustle Spark 138: Super-charge Cyber Monday

Always on the lookout, that’s me.

Okay, okay, this one fell into my lap as I cruised

So, apologies for dropping the ball on this November 14 post:

6 Ways E-Commerce Startups Can Compete on Cyber Monday

But, in case you haven’t tried them out, I don’t think it’s too late to act on a number of these suggestions.

Here are three of the strategies suggested by Keith Shields, but to honor his work and lock in on the necessary details, do click to the article.

  • Create a dedicated CyberMonday landing page.
  • Make your deals easy to share.
  • Extend CyberMonday deals through the week.

Note: Two posts today equals a day off tomorrow for Thanksgiving in the U.S. And really, who’s kidding who… I’m a slacker anyway.

Here’s a counterintuitive sales line: Ignore this site tomorrow and spend time with your special people…and pets.

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