Side Hustle Spark 167: More side-hustler talk from Buzzfeed (but with a twist)

Yesterday’s post of side-hustlers’ tips nudged me toward digging further into Buzzfeed’s take on side hustling.

It led to this fun 2018 piece: 10 Things That Will Make Every Side-Hustler Say “True”.

NOTE: Just as interesting were the comments below this Uber-sponsored post.

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Side Hustle Spark 166: More side-hustlers’ tips (Buzzfeed)

I thought I’d explore a different outlet for their side hustler content.

Enter Buzzfeed’s 11 Ingenious Tips About Side-Hustling From Actual Side-Hustlers.

As always, the intro graphic gives some key points, but it’s well worth clicking over and picking up new notions and/or solid reminders of how you might approach your venture. Note: This is a 2017 post. It would be interesting to see if the advice still applies in late 2020. It seems to…

Hoping you benefit from!

In the meantime, keep plugging!

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Side Hustle Spark 165: Copyblogger: “Connect Your Content!”:

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Coopyblogger Editor-in-chief Stefanie Flaxman shares advice on using internal links to create a ‘web of content’.

Title of post: One Ridiculously Easy Blogging Ingredient that Satisfies Hungry Prospects

The post’s three suggested strategies:

  1. Plan your links. Look for/aim for/point to connections between your posts.
  2. Choose intriguing words and phrases. Use terms that match or pique your visitors’ interests. (Ex. ‘call to action’ and ‘selling points’)
  3. Let your content inspire more content. Link back to previous relevant posts and add a reminder to further explore a concept in future posts.

** Because of the nature of sidehustlecurator, this post is a prime example of do as she says, not as I do.

Also due to the nature of my blog, most posts are merely pointers to the better stuff. DO follow the links!

Side Hustle Spark 164: Email subject line tips from Copyblogger

I thought I’d follow up the ’email subject lines that worked on me’ post with advice and research from Copyblogger’s Tim Stoddart. (NOTE: **Tim S. offers proven templates further down in the post. Be sure to score those.)

A few more highlights from his November 10, 2020 post:

  • 7 out of 10 campaigns with emojis received more abuse reports.
  • In your A/B tests, change just one variable at a time.
  • Incorporate data in your subject lines.

Here’s hoping the holidays have yielded a few pleasant surprises for you all.

A quick look at website cookies…interesting

I was cruising for content [i.e. curating] and clicked on the ‘This website uses cookies.’ notification. I always knew that cookies worked behind the scenes, but to this extent? Anyway, I just found this interesting.

So I recorded my quick review of the 73 different kinds of cookies baked into this one website.

Note: Magnify the screen image to make it easier to view.

Side Hustle Spark 163: Ten email subject lines that worked on me…

  1. This never fails. Have a look and you’ll see why
  2. Your productivity is not a measure of your worth.
  3. These are the 10 best ads of 2020. [‘Best’ lists almost always get me.]
  4. Are you afraid to fail? [A question that provokes a lot of us.]
  5. Why great copy isn’t enough
  6. Secret tricks businesses use to impress you.
  7. The Letter that Keeps on Giving
  8. My Toxic Family, Then My Toxic Family Found Out
  9. If Only… [So open-ended, I had to follow it…]
  10. A free video on how to write great copy [which I will point to in my next post]

Side Hustle Spark 162: Ross Simmonds and repurposing one blog post

Ross calls it his content marketing remix.

This post answers the following questions:

  1. What is a content distribution strategy?
  2. What is a content marketing remix?
  3. How do you know what’s worth remixing?

While we’re at it, let’s revisit some of his other good stuff…

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Wishing you a seriously great 2021.

Side Hustle Spark 161: Dealing With Rejection (

Ryan Robinson, writing for, shares some tips on dealing with what is inevitable for all of us: Rejection.

I’ve paraphrased a few of his additional points:

My manifesto

Side Hustle Spark 159 — A Lessons Gold Mine from Side Hustle School

The graphic above offers just a sampler of the 36 lessons and 2 review sessions you will find at Side Hustle School’s Classroom Page. More to come, I’m pretty sure.

Each lesson consists of a detailed lesson summary and a link to the corresponding podcast episode.

At the risk of sounding not so eloquent, great stuff. As I’ve also noted about Copyblogger’s content, this is a book-on-a-page.

Keep grinding. You never know what sparks might develop!

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash