Side Hustle Spark 151: Finish by Jon Acuff (good book!)

So, it’s December.

How did your goals for the year turn out?

And please don’t tell me you didn’t foresee the worldwide pandemic…We all knew it was coming.

Okay, maybe not. ;-?

Anyway, because goals drive many of you, and because I’m a solid ‘starter’, but often fall short at ‘finishing’, I’ll be sharing snippets from Jon Acuff’s Finish, a book I bought and read in 2017.

Valuable stuff.

In fact, if nobody reads these posts, I’ve lost nothing–this is a book I should revisit every year anyway. 

In today’s Finish snippet, Jon takes aim at perfectionism:

“Perfectionism always makes things harder and more complicated. Finishers make things easier and simpler. The next time you work on a goal, I dare you to ask the following questions during the middle of the project: Could things be easier? Could things be simpler?” 

Here is a link to the book’s  Amazon listing. Click the  ‘Look Inside’ button for more sample pages.

If nothing else, click to the table of contents. The chapter titles will give you plenty to think about.

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