Side Hustle Spark 180: Ali Mese and

I liked this tagline found on’s ‘Studio’ page.

I ran across Ali Mese while reading the post The Do’s and Don’ts of Publishing on (Note: You might need to sign in on to read that post. Otherwise, this article written by Rhonda Bradley can be found at The Manifest.

The writer noted that Ali (at the time with 64,000 readers) consistently uses bold statements, easy-to-read strategies (subheaders, numbered/bulleted lists), quotes, video, and social media posts in his pieces.

I followed up on Ali and his site. (“Get smarter at building your thing.”)

Some relevant titles on the front page include:

A realization: It’s entirely possible that the more resources I send you to, the less you’ll need to check in here. While I’m not trying to steer you away, hey, if the destinations help you more than this blog, then I guess ‘mission accomplished’.

Forge ahead!.

I promise I’ll keep plugging, myself.

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