Side Hustle Spark 182: Avoid flatulent puffery.

I love that term.
Gotta say, Drayton Bird doesn’t just know copywriting. He knows marketing. And he knows straight talk. 

Here is a Drayton post I enjoyed recently. He teaches a few writing/marketing lessons as he hammers away at some failed email copy strategies. Fun stuff. You’ll find the term (borrowed from advertising legend David Ogilvy) ‘flatulent puffery’ inside the post.

Here’s the link to sign up for his emails. Pretty sure you won’t be disappointed–funny and informative stuff.

Also, consider signing up for “Drayton’s 51 free helpful marketing ideas – all proven and easy to implement.”

From Drayton: “You’ll find all of them cost nothing or very little to do.

And I’ll wager if you try just three of them, you’ll see why they are so popular.”

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