Side Hustle Spark 169: Maximize web content–(Publish ebook for yourself)

Here is the link to a three-minute video showing me creating a small ebook that highlights content I think is worth revisiting–in this case, a collection of side hustlers’ advice from the show notes of Side Hustle School podcasts. Note: Just click on an episode, scroll down, and you will find ‘Words’ of Wisdom’ and ‘Fun Facts’.

Many thanks to Chris Guillebeau for allowing me to use his content for this video.

Side Hustle Spark 168: Favorites of 2020

I spent some time reviewing my first 167 posts and thought the list below might help a few folks just breaking the ice of their side hustle:

Side Hustle Spark 126: 101 Conversion Strategies (Copyblogger)

Suggestion 94: 201 Blog Post Ideas from

Suggestion 60: 700 Power Words to Boost Conversions

Side Hustle Spark 131: Sara Blakely‚Äôs 50 Rules for Success

Side Hustle Spark 134: Money Tree TV: 100’s of Side Hustle Ideas [Chris Guillebeau]

My manifesto…