Side Hustle Spark 211: Learn from Shannon Mattern

What can I say? This is waaaay more than an income report. And thank you, Shannon, for that.

I’m nowhere close to Shannon’s:

  • A. Energy level
  • B. Income level
  • C. Age
  • D. Experience level

As I said…this is way more than dollar signs and decimal points. We’re talkin’ 11,000 words more.

Some immediate highlights:

— I kind of liked the idea of living in the camper in the driveway, assuming shower and bathroom access is still available in the house.

— I’m way in favor of making career and ambition pronouncements to my dog. [Maybe I’ll have Buddy check in with Scarlett to see what else she’s learned from Shannon…I’m wondering if Scarlett’s published an ebook under a pen name. Maybe she should. Then again, figuring Scarlett has more pressing needs—daily walks, adding another meal time to the routine, hitting up mom and dad for a new food puzzle—maybe that dog just needs to hire me as her ghostwriter…Whoa…T! Stay on track!

Which pretty much tells you way too much about my side hustle goals…

I most appreciated Shannon’s honesty about the ups and downs and inner struggles she’s taken on during her journey.

Some resonating points from her post. I’m pretty sure you will see yourself somewhere in her story.

“And if you never take any advice from me ever, please take this advice from me…

  1. Don’t spend time making a course before you’ve ever figured out how to get your first email list subscriber.
  2. Don’t spend time making a course because YOU think it’s what people need when you’ve had zero conversations with said people about what they need.
  3. Don’t try to be clever when you’re naming things, just tell people what it is.”


I didn’t overtly know I was terrified, because I didn’t give myself a second to think. 

I went into high gear to try to explode my traffic and 10x my list and do webinars and pretty much everything you can think of… but what I was missing was an irresistible offer at a price point that would make my business sustainable.”


“People don’t care about my course and what’s in it. They care about their transformation. They care about solving their problem and reaching their goals. And they need to believe that it’s actually possible for them.

So my marketing can’t be about my course… it has to be about your transformation. I have to offer you the opportunity to go from where you are now to where you want to be. That’s what makes an offer irresistible.”


“Mariah (Koz) explained something to me that I never understood before:

Some customers are turtles, and some customers are hares. Some customers need time to make a decision, other customers are in so much pain when they find you that they want a solution now. 

That being the case, the best strategy to serve them both is to incentivize the hares to make a decision, and educate the turtles for when they’re ready to make a decision.”


“I could feel the burnout coming on… and I did things to try to mitigate it…trying to walk the fine line of not ignoring what’s going on in the world but also with focusing on what I can control and where I can have a positive impact on the world…”


“…helped me understand that my customers are grown adults who are capable of making their own financial decisions without my help, thank you very much, and it’s not up to me to decide what they can and can’t afford. It’s their job, and I should respect them enough to make the right decisions for them.”


“My weight loss coach, Corrinne Crabtree, says that any time you ask yourself a question, you have to answer it. You can’t leave that open loop in your brain. Those open loops? They leak mental energy.”


“If I had to wait to do anything until I was 100% sure it was perfect or if I tried to hold my team to that standard? Impossible and miserable. We move fast, we make mistakes, we fix them as we go and we might even make the same ones again. In fact, we probably will. I just don’t sweat that stuff. It’s more important to show up and serve than to be perfect in my opinion.”


“So even though I’ve been overworking again and falling back into old routines… Every time it happens I notice it sooner and sooner.”

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