Side Hustle Spark 212: “Say your dreams out loud.” (Jadah Sellner)

People like Chris Guillebeau help make my version of curation fun and interesting.
(Okay, maybe it’s curation-lite, since I often point you toward people, tools, and resources and let you decide if you want to read or click further.)
Today, it was a matter of opening Chris’s email, click/tap and–there it is!–I meet Jadah Sellner, thanks to a linked video at his 2014 World Domination Summit. Jadah has continued rising since launching Simple Green Smoothies in 2012 , was a TEDx speaker, is now a business mentor, and has her own Lead with Love podcast.

Her 2014 message: Say your dreams out loud.

My favorite quote: “When you’re bootstrapping a business, you don’t have the time and energy to do ‘one more thing’. But we did it anyways…and the one thing that we almost didn’t do was the kickstart to growing this amazing community of rockstars.”

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