Side Hustle Spark 281: Reach Out to Customers brainstorm list (150 items)

Here is today’s brainstorming list of 150+ ‘Reach Out to Customers’ terms.

You’ll notice it is heavy on the verbs.

First suggestion: Have fun with this content. See what’s helpful, but don’t sweat over it.

Everyone thinks differently. Maybe hand this list over to co-workers/assistants to get their input.

Another suggestion: Revisit the list on occasion. Hey, minds change, approaches change, priorities change.

Possible uses of a list like this…

— Combine terms.

— Find common themes.

— Which terms appeal to sense of humor?

— Which terms communicate a more serious approach?

— Which terms suggest a goal or objective you hadn’t previously considered?

— Find all the terms that relate to ‘customer problems’.

— Find all the terms that relate to ‘solutions to those problems’.

— Find words from which you can use to create your own new words or phrases.

— Find word(s) that speak to pop culture.

— Pare down. Pare down some more. 

— Even better…set a timer and give yourself 10 minutes to generate first-draft marketing or blog copy using list items.

— Can you create a slogan from chosen list items? Check out this link below:

I hope this helps, side hustlers. Let me know how else I can assist.

Good luck in your projects. Keep taking aim.

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