Side Hustle Spark #303: Free marketing library (Drayton Bird)

I have shared Drayton Bird resources in the past, but redirecting you back to his wealth of experience is worth my time (and yours).

The guy and his staff write great emails. The graphic above highlights a few of his subject lines.

A few of his email gems:

— “Remember, the currency of your business is customers – and act accordingly.
So the big marketing question is, “how much is your customer worth to you?”

— “Don’t Be Absurd. It Kills Your Brand.”

— “Having said all that, never take a bigger space than you need; and don’t imagine that a lot of elegant white space will sell for you. If it says nothing, it sells nothing.”

— “One good source of ideas is called getting on with it. There is such a temptation to look at that accusing blank screen or sheet of paper and go and do something else. But the mere act of writing gets you going.”

And here is that link to his free marketing library.

Keep writing and creating!

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