My background and manifesto


My name is Tim Haag.
I’m a long-time teacher and writer. I live in Oregon with my wife and canine taskmaster, Buddy.

Since the concept of ‘reinvention’ hit my radar screen a few years back, I’ve been interested in the side hustle movement. Valuable books I found during that time: James Altucher’s Reinvent Yourself and Choose Yourself.

Other valuable books included:

My manifesto:

  • This is not a ‘do as I do’ blog as much as a ‘do as I share’ blog.
  • My roles are ‘research guy’ and ‘supporter’, not ‘expert’.
  • As I cruise/saunter through/scour (depending on how much coffee I’ve had), I’m boosting my own learning.
  • I’ll serve you best by passing along good stuff and, at times, taking deeper dives into the content of others, especially side hustle ‘leaders’…and those who have followed that lead.
  • Then again…finding those who haven’t followed that lead will also be fun.
  • I like the idea that I’m helping somebody with resources and others’ expertise. That’s how I measure this blog’s success.
  • Bravo to folks moving forward, taking measured chances, following Chris G’s credo of ‘inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better.”
  • Sometimes, reminders [of tools, resources, strategies] are just as valuable as new content.