Side Hustle Spark 180: Ali Mese and

I liked this tagline found on’s ‘Studio’ page.

I ran across Ali Mese while reading the post The Do’s and Don’ts of Publishing on (Note: You might need to sign in on to read that post. Otherwise, this article written by Rhonda Bradley can be found at The Manifest.

The writer noted that Ali (at the time with 64,000 readers) consistently uses bold statements, easy-to-read strategies (subheaders, numbered/bulleted lists), quotes, video, and social media posts in his pieces.

I followed up on Ali and his site. (“Get smarter at building your thing.”)

Some relevant titles on the front page include:

A realization: It’s entirely possible that the more resources I send you to, the less you’ll need to check in here. While I’m not trying to steer you away, hey, if the destinations help you more than this blog, then I guess ‘mission accomplished’.

Forge ahead!.

I promise I’ll keep plugging, myself.

Side Hustle Spark 165: Copyblogger: “Connect Your Content!”:

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Coopyblogger Editor-in-chief Stefanie Flaxman shares advice on using internal links to create a ‘web of content’.

Title of post: One Ridiculously Easy Blogging Ingredient that Satisfies Hungry Prospects

The post’s three suggested strategies:

  1. Plan your links. Look for/aim for/point to connections between your posts.
  2. Choose intriguing words and phrases. Use terms that match or pique your visitors’ interests. (Ex. ‘call to action’ and ‘selling points’)
  3. Let your content inspire more content. Link back to previous relevant posts and add a reminder to further explore a concept in future posts.

** Because of the nature of sidehustlecurator, this post is a prime example of do as she says, not as I do.

Also due to the nature of my blog, most posts are merely pointers to the better stuff. DO follow the links!

Side Hustle Spark 163: Ten email subject lines that worked on me…

  1. This never fails. Have a look and you’ll see why
  2. Your productivity is not a measure of your worth.
  3. These are the 10 best ads of 2020. [‘Best’ lists almost always get me.]
  4. Are you afraid to fail? [A question that provokes a lot of us.]
  5. Why great copy isn’t enough
  6. Secret tricks businesses use to impress you.
  7. The Letter that Keeps on Giving
  8. My Toxic Family, Then My Toxic Family Found Out
  9. If Only… [So open-ended, I had to follow it…]
  10. A free video on how to write great copy [which I will point to in my next post]

Side Hustle Suggestion 96: Email marketing podcast (with Daniel Throssell)

Side Hustle Nation podcast episode #404 features Daniel Throssell of

Four takeaways:

  • Let your personality come through. (That’s Daniel’s #1 tip.)
  • Create a lead magnet that folks will actually consume!
  • Don’t ‘templatize’ [my term] your welcome email.
  • Use personal stories, but keep them succinct. [Don’t evoke the ‘Ugh, this is filler!’ reaction.]

Gotta say, the Side Hustle Nation folks do a great job of listing the interview’s key points and their exact location for those of us who have an itchy fast-forward finger. Love that feature.

Suggestion 76: Successful Upworkers

So, if you’re into freelancing, here are a few good tips that might help out, courtesy of Upworkers and Fortune Magazine.

How Ari Made $10,000 on Upwork in One Month

How I make $200k/year freelancing, my 10 tips for Upwork success

Here’s a related post from Forbes: How to Succeed on Upwork as a Beginner

  • Build/leverage your skills
  • Target your job filters
  • Tailor your proposals
  • Nail your phone interview
  • Under-promise and over-deliver

Suggestion 66: Revisit the art of blogging (Christian Mihai)

In this post, Cristian Mihai of addresses bloggers’ doubts about the effectiveness of their efforts. [Note: Spend more time at his site.]

A key excerpt from his The Best Way to Learn Something Is to Try to Teach It section:

“In order to develop a beginner’s mindset we must:

  1. be willing to admit that we know nothing
  2. let go of our desire to be right
  3. be curious to know more about the perspectives and ideas of those around us”

And really, aren’t we all just beginners?

“Allow yourself to be a beginner.
No one starts off being excellent.” 
― Wendy Flynn

I’m always happy to learn the perspectives of others, so feel free to chime in.

**Yes, I should be taking more instruction on blogging and I’ll get to that, but my priority here is to help spread others’ wisdom and experience and resources.

Suggestion 60: 700 Power Words to Boost Conversions

word cloud with persuasive words for selling
created with

I have followed Syed Balkhi of since 2017 and his content is always focused and relevant.

You are bound to be helped by this wide-ranging list, [posted April 2, 2020 by Mary Fernandez for Balkhi’s] which consists of the following word categories:

  • Greed
  • Curiosity
  • Sloth
  • Lust
  • Vanity
  • Trust
  • Anger
  • Fear

There’s also a link to a cheatsheet for the 700 words.

Here’s hoping you’ll get a conversion boost in the next week!