Side Hustle Spark 162: Ross Simmonds and repurposing one blog post

Ross calls it his content marketing remix.

This post answers the following questions:

  1. What is a content distribution strategy?
  2. What is a content marketing remix?
  3. How do you know what’s worth remixing?

While we’re at it, let’s revisit some of his other good stuff…

Happy holidays to sidehustlecurator visitors.
Thanks for reading.

Wishing you a seriously great 2021.

Side Hustle Spark 159 — A Lessons Gold Mine from Side Hustle School

The graphic above offers just a sampler of the 36 lessons and 2 review sessions you will find at Side Hustle School’s Classroom Page. More to come, I’m pretty sure.

Each lesson consists of a detailed lesson summary and a link to the corresponding podcast episode.

At the risk of sounding not so eloquent, great stuff. As I’ve also noted about Copyblogger’s content, this is a book-on-a-page.

Keep grinding. You never know what sparks might develop!

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Side Hustle Spark 140: 6 Steps to Stop Procrastinating

In keeping with Side Hustle Spark 138, I found Chris Dritsas’ guest post on helpful and relevant.

Holidays for many side hustlers the holidays are a time when they’re putting in the extra time. But these not-so-normal times may well generate a few extra rationalizations for easing off the gas pedal.

Some favorite takeaways:

  1. Your brain is programmed to accomplish short-term tasks for more immediate gratification.
  2. I like the Warren Buffett strategy of listing several goals, then paring it down to five goals, and then to one goal.
  3. I had heard, but never really learned, the term, ‘kaizen’–small steps toward continuous improvement.
  4. Chris uses Trello for his ‘break it down’ strategy. I went ahead and signed up. I had done so four years ago and never followed up. Gee, seems procrastination really is hard-wired into some people.
  5. “You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.”
    –Steve Jobs [I just installed the Escape 2 app to keep me focused.]
  6. I liked the quick bullet-pointed review at the end of the post.

Of course, the enduring notion rattling around in my head is: “Am I creating these posts to put off my other projects?”

I’ll just set that aside for another day.

Forge ahead!

Side Hustle Spark 128: Look behind the curtain at

Yep, I’ve never really spent time looking at online entrepreneurs’ income reports. A lost opportunity to learn. [Challenge: Get past the ‘Geez, I’m getting left in the dust!’ reaction and strap on your thinking cap.]

Here is expert blogger Ryan Robinson’s October income report…

What stands out:

  • Net profit: $19,356.67 [a drop in revenue! I’m thinking a number of you might endure that kind of decrease.]
  • Affiliate earnings from Bluehost: $16,750 [whoa!]
  • Blog traffic: 321, 352
  • New email subscribers: 2,476 [also a decrease, which tells you he’s still doing a lot of things right.]

Look for yourself and check out both his earnings and expenses. You may well learn of some new digital tools and pick up hints about Ryan Robinson’s approach and strategies.

Side Hustle Spark 125: More freebies from

Reminder: No perks or underhanded sales pitches going on here. Just hoping some of these ideas and resources help you move forward.

Want The Exact Email Scripts I’ve Used To Beat The Competition & Close More Deals?

Here is the download link.

Get 60 Proven Side Hustle Ideas You Can Launch Today Without Quitting Your Day Job.

Some intriguing ideas or reminders in this list:

  1. start marrying people [Think about it…during the pandemic you may not even be expected to attend in person! ;->]
  2. submit stock photos [If you’re out in nature, why not put your photographer’s eye to use? And many of you probably already have some sellable shots you’ve take through the years.]
  3. seamstress or tailor [How many of us have lived with the torn favorite jacket not knowing where to take it for ‘repairs’?]
  4. human photo-op [I’d better let Ross explain this one: “Dress up as a movie character, celebrity, or famous musician or comedian and charge people to take a picture with you.”
  5. bad sketch artist [Ross’s explanation: “People like funny too, so even if you create something so bad that it fits within that category, you can make a side hustle out of it.”]

Here is the download link.

Side Hustle Spark 121: The Next Big Idea Club

Part of my curation process simply involves hunting down and sharing repositories of advice and ideas.

And then it’s a matter of passing it along for others to curate for themselves.

The Next Big Idea Club is a perfect vehicle for this approach.

A few other titles from this page:

Charles Duhigg on How Willpower Leads to Success

The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You

7 Ways to Prevent Stress from Ruining Your Day

Side Hustle Spark 114: 5 More Side Hustle Lessons

This post by Courtney Seiter–5 Side Hustle Lessons I Learned From My Day Job–still offers helpful insights, despite its 2017 publication date.

Anything written before the pandemic started is probably viewed through a different lens anyway, right?

It’s well worth the six-minute read.

As always, I hope you tailor any idea or ‘aha! moment’ into something helpful

Side Hustle Spark 106:

mindmap of content

hustleandconquer gets to the heart of many side hustlers’ needs and interests.

Check out his Gumroad store, as well. His book selection has changed since I first visited, but his reasonably priced content is worth a look, including the possibility of a freebie or two.

Reminder: No one is giving me perks or $$ to promote. The sites look interesting and potentially valuable for folks looking to make some extra money. Even if the topics look overly familiar, the ideas and strategies behind them might be unique and more to your liking than others you’ve tried.

Side Hustle Spark 103: Side Hustle Failures

This post from AcceleratedFI reviews the writer’s side hustle flops and there is tons to learn here.

Some of the oops moments:

  • Violating someone’s patent
  • Following the allure of ‘cost per click’ and creating sites around products [i.e. tooth implants] he knew nothing about.
  • Inventing a product, but victimized by poor performance at the Asian factory.
  • And in his ‘garlic press’ venture…”This meant if I sold them for $10 and Amazon took a $4 cut for fulfillment/shipping fees, I was netting $6 and my cost was $7.50. I’m losing $1.50 on every sale I make…”

The post does lead off with:
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by PSECU, a Pennsylvania-based credit union but hey, I’m there to glean a little information, so, not a problem.

Jim has since moved on to more successful ventures and offers his free PDF of his 7 favorite side hustles here.