Side Hustle Spark 230: “Organize your stuff!”–Your big idea, be remarkable, don’t stall, unleash ideas (Seth Godin)

My content organization effort continues…

The list below tells me this: I’m really short-hitting you on Seth Godin content. Will have to remedy that.

Here is the ‘Let’s get organized! page in progress.

Topic: Seth Godin Resources

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  • Side Hustle Spark 193: Unleash the Ideavirus (Freebie)
  • Side Hustle Spark 192: How to be remarkable (Seth Godin)
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  • Side Hustle Spark 225: Verify Your YouTube Channel

    Subtle, right?

    This might be old news for most of you, but in case it’s slipped by a few of you–especially amidst the insanity of the past year–make sure you verify your YouTube account/channel.


    • You can upload videos longer than 15 minutes.
    • You can add custom thumbnails.
    • You can live stream.

    If you’re not sure how, follow this link.

    Side Hustle Spark 223: 9 Years, 9 Side Hustle Lessons

    “Remember, everyone you know knows someone.”

    “I make time every Monday morning to send emails, share blog posts, and reach out to potential clients.”

    “One of my favorite sayings comes from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella:
    ‘The learn-it-all does better than the know-it-all.'”

    These are just three memorable lines–in addition to the paraphrasing in the above Padlet–shared by Beth Newton in her October 2020 post for Entrepreneur.

    Side Hustle Spark 221: “Organize your stuff!” Today: A Chris Guillebeau/Side Hustle School collection

    So yeah, it looks like I’m some kind of fan-boy.
    This is actually just a fraction of what I could have posted.

    Quote from Chris:
    “Never despise small beginnings, and don’t belittle your own accomplishments. Remember them and use them as inspiration as you go on to the next thing.”

    Here is the ‘Organize your stuff!’ page in progress.

    Side Hustle Spark 219: Quotes Galore! (Content marketing, butt-kicking, and Seth Godin)

    Three new additions to Side Hustle Curator’s page of lists

    Lots of smart people chiming in on getting started and reaching your customer.

    1. 47 Content Marketing Quotes that Will Make You a Better Marketer
    2. 21 Quotes That’ll Inspire You To Finally Start A Side Hustle This Year
    3. 92 Seth Godin Quotes On Life, Business & Success

    Side Hustle Spark 218: “Organize your stuff!” Today’s topic: Content speaks volumes.

    Today’s topic: Content marketing.

    Here is the ‘Let’s get organized! page in progress.

    Another good content marketing quote:
    What helps people, helps business. – Leo Burnett

    Find more good quotes about content marketing here.

    Side Hustle Spark 209: 16 Marketing Strategies for 2021 (

    Once again, the pure act of my version of curation pays off with new sites, new terms, and new acronyms…

    I learned lots from this post by Michal Pecánek.

    From the ‘Yes, I am and probably always will be a newbie’ department: Stuff I didn’t know or hadn’t thought of–newsjacking, featured snippets, more alternatives to Google, Quora marketing, brand codes, and HARO (‘Help a reporter out’) requests.

    And now, time for book recommendations…or shameless commercialism…or both. Okay, there are definitely book recommendations…

    These seven books are go-to sources of inspiration and valued experience. These are affiliate links which, if you use to preview and buy the product, won’t raise the product’s price and will earn me a commission. At that point, I’ll be that much closer to buying that unclaimed island in the Caribbean. Please don’t ask for the island’s coordinates. It is mine and you can’t have it. ;->

    These books cut across so many lines of productivity and accomplishment. Whether you use these links or go elsewhere, get your hands on these.