Side Hustle Spark 113: Pat Flynn’s Essential Guides…

Pat Flynn calls them ‘guides’. I’d call them text-and-relevant-audio based online courses.

Below are the links…

to Mindset for Entrepreneurs

to Email Marketing

to Branding

to Business Fundamentals

to Online Courses

More SPI online course resources here

If you want to add value to these guides, and if you have capable software**, consider recording the screen as you cruise through your favorite content so you can conveniently replay it on your device of choice.

**Filmora, Camtasia, Snag-it, Screencast-O-Matic.. OBS Studio, Screencastify, ScreenFlow

Side Hustle Spark 112: Rebel Boss Summit

This looks very interesting if you have the time to drop in.

The Rebel Boss Virtual Summit.

Lots of sessions. The listing is here.

OCTOBER 19 – 22, 2020

The free entrance entitles you to live coverage, no replays.

All-Access Pass is $47. Power Pack is $97

Details here.

Prices Increase When Timer Runs Out. As of this writing, I have 18 minutes to opt-in before prices rise.

Okay, my time ran out…The prices did increase from $47 to $77 for the All-Access Pass and $97 to $127 for the Power Pack.

A reminder: I’m not affiliated with the Summit. Just passing along info and opportunities.

**A thought: I know some folks who use their screen recording software to record the sessions for later viewing. Again, just a thought.

Some of the bonuses offered IF you upgrade to the Power Pack:


So, if you have a little loose cash and some time on your hands, it would seem you could easily earn back the price of admission with a few of the sessions and bonuses tailored to your needs. OR, like me, just show up and watch, take notes…

**Another thought…would be interesting to set up a Zoom session with some others and ‘attend together’ on another screen.

Side Hustle Spark 111: Pat Flynn’s The Income Stream

206 straight episodes of his The Income Stream YouTube channel
and counting for Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

On the weekends, he does live reviews of websites and YouTube channels submitted by visitors.

In fact, for a more detailed, informative shortcut through this model of a consistent ‘value-added’ approach, let’s take a look at his The Income Stream Clips channel .

Side Hustle Spark 103: Side Hustle Failures

This post from AcceleratedFI reviews the writer’s side hustle flops and there is tons to learn here.

Some of the oops moments:

  • Violating someone’s patent
  • Following the allure of ‘cost per click’ and creating sites around products [i.e. tooth implants] he knew nothing about.
  • Inventing a product, but victimized by poor performance at the Asian factory.
  • And in his ‘garlic press’ venture…”This meant if I sold them for $10 and Amazon took a $4 cut for fulfillment/shipping fees, I was netting $6 and my cost was $7.50. I’m losing $1.50 on every sale I make…”

The post does lead off with:
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by PSECU, a Pennsylvania-based credit union but hey, I’m there to glean a little information, so, not a problem.

Jim has since moved on to more successful ventures and offers his free PDF of his 7 favorite side hustles here.

Side Hustle Suggestion 99: The Ten Commandments

Taking a look at the big picture of side hustling, this post by Jeff Haden offers The Ultimate Side-Hustle How-to Guide: 10 Rules for Side-Hustle Success

Some resonating points:

“Instead, do what Dharmesh Shah recommends: Rather than finding a way to make a million dollars, find a way to serve a million customers. Start small.”

“If it doesn’t pay, put it away.”

“Never forget that the fun is in the doing — not the thinking.”

“…when you choose the right side hustle, and you give it your all, that means you’re making the most of every hour you have.
Which is the perfect definition of “me time.”
And is the best way to truly live.”

Side Hustle Suggestion 89: Balancing side hustle with your job–3 tips

For those readers juggling both job and side hustle, bravo. (Of course, this being pandemic times, I’m sending you good vibes that you have a job.)

So, how to weave the hustle into your daily routine?

This 2018 article by CNBC’s Simon Slade offers 3 tips to make it work. (While I do supply key points, I encourage you to read the entire 800-word piece.)

Create specific hours.

“…even for just a half hour. Routine is key.”

Get comfortable with the word ’no’. 

“If you don’t have the bandwidth, don’t take it on.”

Look for crossover opportunities.

“When you find certain skills or activities that can serve both your side hustle and your full-time job, practice them.”

The author’s final point: Above all, maintain your own health and sanity. 

In this weird thing called 2020, AMEN!
(As I write this, I’m essentially a shut-in amidst hour 40
of smoke-filled skies and falling ash– a 99% shut-in.)

  • Hang in there, side hustlers or whatever you want to call yourselves.
  • I’ve been reading some stuff that questions the wisdom of all this extra hustle-related exertion–one of the reasons I posted this.
  • Either way, and for whatever reasons you’re going this route (short of shady deals), I’m in your corner.

Side Hustle Suggestion 88: When/if you’re stuck…

For me, yes, I’m stuck inside because the air is smoke-filled from the 50 mph winds pushing residue from the distant wildfires. So, I should be knocking it out of the park. Instead…blah. Just lip-diddling and finding any possible reason to not produce.

Finally, I opened the laptop and Googled ‘side hustlers stuck’.

Result–an 8-minute Pep Talk for Side Hustlers, episode 90 from Shannon Mattern.

Feeling stuck? Here’s what to do instead.

A valuable excerpt:


  • So what if I pitch myself and no one books me?
  • So what if I start a YouTube Channel and no one watches it?
  • So what if I write a book and no one reads it?
  • So what if I start a podcast and no one listens?
  • So what if it takes me a year to transform my body?
  • I know that I have something of value to share. And I know I can help people change their lives. And I won’t let the Bully in My Head stop me.