Suggestion 78: The 7-Day Startup by Dan Norris

So, this is a different curation path to information and insights for side hustlers.

I’m sending you to the Goodreads page of quotes from Dan Norris’ The 7 Day Startup. This path gives visitors a good overview of the book, as well as the author’s voice and viewpoint.

Five of my favorites that I need to take to heart as I build my own short course on writing.

  • the book’s subtitle: “You don’t learn until you launch.”
  • “common MVP mistake is over-emphasizing the “minimum” and under-emphasizing the “viable.” 
  • “Hustle for an early stage startup is generally about spending your time on the things that are most likely to bring you customers.” 
  • “Save your excitement until you land people you don’t know as customers.”
  • “Anti-hustle is what wantrepreneurs do. They do everything other than what needs to be done.”

As stated before, no affiliate links. Just wanting to give you some ideas and/or forward nudges to help you in your hustles.

Wishing you multiple steps forward today.

Suggestion 75: Start a side hustle from anywhere

A recent item from StartUp Nation caught my curating eye:

How to Start a Side Hustle You Can Run from Anywhere in the World

Actually, most of the suggestions match those strategies we’ve seen before, but hey, stuff falls through the cracks, right? Doesn’t hurt to be reminded of some of the basic guidelines.

Plus, it can steer you toward plenty of other helpful content from the site.

And curating this piece by Jo Barnes led me to tomorrow’s post on successful Upworkers and Fiverrers. [Sorry, I just had to…]

Keep plugging, folks.

Suggestion 72: Start From Zero

Thanks to Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation, I came across another site with a focus helpful to side hustlers.

To gain immediate value from Start From Zero, click to his two guides:

How To Make $1,000 In 24 Hours

The Two Metrics To Pick A Niche

As I write this, I’m hearing him advise an educator who is/was developing “a technology platform that will support education and mitigate poverty…”. His suggestions included:

  • publishing a book that presents the platform and strategies and hiring herself out as the implementation consultant
  • giving the information for people to potentially build a platform and then charging a licensing fee

Dane Maxwell founded this business and also owns and His 20 podcasts are advice-based and his site offers a number of products, as outlined in the word cloud above.

I also found his recommended books page helpful for those seeking specific guidance on:

  • How to Start
  • Sales
  • Growing a Company
  • Fundamental Business
  • Copywriting

His Starter Context would also be helpful to someone just starting out…

  1. People first
  2. Problems second
  3. Sales third
  4. Outsource product creation
  5. Get results with first customer
  6. Scale to others

Suggestion 69: Excerpts from a Pat Flynn-Chris Guillebeau interview

I recently suggested listening to Pat Flynn’s SPI podcast #211 interview of Chris Guillebeau.

I decided as a curator, I needed to step it up a bit so here are some choice excerpts from that 2016 interview:

“…most of what I’ve done has just been consistently putting stuff out, which is what you’ve done as well. I think that is the best long term strategy. You can’t really have a strategy for going viral. It just happens.”


“If people are asking the same questions, pay attention because it’s showing you a couple of things. It’s showing that people recognize you as this authority in a certain area, and they also have this desire for information that’s valuable to them.”


“What I did see from these successful people is that they actually tended to make a lot of mistakes. There’s not many career mistakes you can make that you can’t recover from. They made mistakes. They were willing to give up on something and go back to a different path, or a different fork in the road. They were willing to experiment.”


“One of the best things you can do, I think even if you love your job, is to actively build this side hustle. Even if it’s not making a huge amount of money, what I’ve seen and I’m sure many of your listeners as well, it’s disproportionately satisfying. It’s incredibly rewarding the first time you get $50 in your Paypal or something. It’s just great.”

Pat: “$1.18 in AdSense.  It’s what changed everything for me.”


“To me the whole goal is not necessarily become a full-time entrepreneur. The whole goal is opportunity and possibility and creating that for yourself.”


Pat: “As a writer, how do you get into the flow?”

Chris: “I’m not a big fan of, I’m being inspired I guess, or getting into the flow. To me, I’m a big fan of sitting down and okay, now I’m going to get to work. It doesn’t always work that way. I definitely struggle and get stuck with things…”


“If you’re like, ‘Wow, that sounds great. That’s really big, how do I do that?’ Here’s what you can do. Every single day at the end of the day, you just get out your journal, and you answer a couple of questions. You’re like, “Today, what did I do that gave me energy? What did I do that drained my energy?” This sounds like woo woo question, but it’s actually very practical. If you look at okay, here are the things that made me come alive. How can I do more of that tomorrow?”

Suggestion 68: Pat Flynn and Chris Guillebeau trade knowledge

I figure, why not combine the knowledge and experience of two side hustle notables? Here are two of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcasts featuring Chris Guillebeau.

World Domination and the $100 Startup
How to Know What You Were Born to Do

These episodes [#38 and #211] take us back to 2012 and 2016, but sometimes older content can be more instructive than the newest and latest.

For a quick episode overview, scroll down to the ‘You’ll Learn’ section.

Scroll further for a ‘Download the Transcript’ button.

Suggestion 60: 700 Power Words to Boost Conversions

word cloud with persuasive words for selling
created with

I have followed Syed Balkhi of since 2017 and his content is always focused and relevant.

You are bound to be helped by this wide-ranging list, [posted April 2, 2020 by Mary Fernandez for Balkhi’s] which consists of the following word categories:

  • Greed
  • Curiosity
  • Sloth
  • Lust
  • Vanity
  • Trust
  • Anger
  • Fear

There’s also a link to a cheatsheet for the 700 words.

Here’s hoping you’ll get a conversion boost in the next week!

Suggestion 46: Stop Trading Time for Money! 71 Passive Income Ideas

Just received this list from Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation…

In today’s email, Nick leads with a Warren Buffett quote…

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Something just a little unnerving about that quote. There is such a finality to it, right? Death being fairly ‘final’ and all…

Anyway, follow that link, where he shares four main types of passive income, as well as his own streams.

Find something easy and low-risk and test the market.

Reminder: No affiliate links; just items you might find helpful or interesting or worth passing along to others.

Thanks for visiting.

Some ideas that caught my eye…

  • Digital product sales on FIVERR
  • Fundrise
  • Create an email course
  • Turn your car into a mobile billboard

For a subject-by-subject look at sidehustlecurator,
check out my Posts Organized by Topic page.

Forge ahead, side hustlers!

Suggestion 44: Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Nation Quarterly Report

This isn’t Nick, who’s probably juggling parent time with business time. ;->

Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation sends his quarterly reports to his subscribers. Very instructive. Always new content and ideas to consider.

A few items of note from his most recent:

1. “The bigger story is that the site got whacked by the May 4th Google algorithm update, which trimmed off 20-30% of the search traffic overnight. Ouch!”

2. “The tallest spikes on the [traffic growth] chart this time all coincide with my weekly newsletters…”

3. “Best performing [email] subject line this quarter: “Retired at 37” – 28.5% open rate.

4. “In 2020, I feel like the value of a freebie “ebook” is greatly diminished. “Oooh a PDF!” –said no one ever…

Plus, 65% of my traffic is mobile. It doesn’t make sense to have people pinching and zooming a PDF in order to consume the content.

So what I’m testing instead is creating a private, mobile-friendly page here on the site. I don’t have the best metrics, but it seems to be getting more engagement so far.”

5. “In an effort to start creating more / better video content, I actually moved my workstation out of the closet and into a corner of master bedroom. The light is much better!

That said, I believe there’s an 80/20 —definition— to video production. I don’t plan to compete with the super well-produced cinematic videos…” 

Again, here is the link to Nick’s report. I think you’ll find it informative.

In the meantime, stay…

Have a great 4th of July weekend.

See you on Monday.

Suggestion #43: Seek The Third Way [Local Meetings]

Chris Guillebeau is piloting a local groups version of Third Way Meetings.

If you’re interested, click here…

There is also a The Third Way Facebook Group.

What is The Third Way? Here again is the link to his free The Third Way Manifesto and a reader’s guide to his The Money Tree book.

The main points of Chris’s manifesto:

  1. Everyone is an expert at something.
  2. Go from idea to product or service.
  3. Spend as little money as possible.
  4. Launch before you’re ready.
  5. Improve as you go.

Reminder: These aren’t affiliated links. I just want to point you to helpful content from successful folks.