Suggestion 85: Heed your ‘Surge Capacity’.

I ran across this piece in and I thought about you side hustlers who are not only driving forward with your hustles, but taking on the challenges of the current pandemic, as well.

Defined in this second story as the ‘ability to adapt to intensely stressful situations’, our surge capacity has certainly been put to the test.

I added the story from the TV station in case you have too many hoops to jump through to read the piece. Plus, the interviewee gives good information.

Bottom line: Take care of yourselves, hustlers.

U.S. readers: Enjoy this Labor Day weekend, weird as it might feel compared to other years. Non-U.S. readers: Hey! Create your own Labor Day weekend! Relax and find time for fun.

Suggestion 77: Fiverr success stories

So we looked at a few Upwork success stories in the previous post.

Let’s look at some Fiverr folks who have done well.

How this dad made almost $1 million on Fiverr

How these three people make six figures annually on Fiverr

How this Fiverr freelancer made $150K in six months

As the word cloud shows, the gigs included:

  1. freelance writing
  2. copywriting
  3. resume writing
  4. career consulting
  5. doing voiceovers

As always, see what strategies these people have used that you might tailor to your own side hustle.