Side Hustle Spark 245: Seth Godin’s ShipIt Journal (freebie)

The Shipit Journal–another valuable free resource from Seth Godin.

Get it here.

It’s an easy read. But don’t tell him you just read it.

Quote from the blog post: Here’s the thing: If all you do is read this on the screen, IT WON’T WORK.

This book feels like Seth is either looking over your shoulder or holding up a mirror for you to face yourself (and the book’s questions.)

One of my favorite pages asks three questions in the above word cloud.

Another favorite page:

What does failure look like?
List every outcome or event you’re anxious about
(Really? That’s it?)
Try again.

Enjoy and forge ahead!

Side Hustle Spark 241: This Is Marketing (Seth Godin)

Click the above word cloud for an excerpt to:
Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See

Along with the notions in the word cloud, three favorite points:

“Marketing doesn’t have to be selfish.”

“It’s easier to make products and services for the customers you seek to serve than it is to find customers for your products and services.”

This excerpt closes with: “Time to stop looking for shortcuts, and time to start insisting on a long, viable path instead.”

For a number of other related resources, click:

To Seth’s blog.

For a subject-by-subject look at sidehustlecurator,
check out my Posts Organized by Topic page.

Forge ahead, side hustlers!

Side Hustle Spark 230: “Organize your stuff!”–Your big idea, be remarkable, don’t stall, unleash ideas (Seth Godin)

My content organization effort continues…

The list below tells me this: I’m really short-hitting you on Seth Godin content. Will have to remedy that.

Here is the ‘Let’s get organized! page in progress.

Topic: Seth Godin Resources

  • Side Hustle Spark 222: Seth Godin on ‘your big idea’.
  • Side Hustle Spark 213: More Seth Godin wisdom
  • Side Hustle Spark 193: Unleash the Ideavirus (Freebie)
  • Side Hustle Spark 192: How to be remarkable (Seth Godin)
  • Side Hustle Spark 139: Are you stalling?
  • Side Hustle Spark 129: Wisdom from Seth Godin
  • Side Hustle Spark 229: Seth Godin freebies –lasting insights and stuff you’ve never considered.
  • Side Hustle Spark 229: Seth Godin freebies –lasting insights and stuff you’ve never considered.

    If you visit Seth Godin’s blog, click the link to his free content tucked away in the lower left corner.

    The above image offers a hint of the pages and megabytes of manifestos, books, and podcasts featuring lessons learned, obstacles cleared, and experience shared.

    Enjoy it and pass along the link to plenty of others.

    Side Hustle Spark 193: Unleash the Ideavirus (Freebie)

    Seth Godin, a real wise guy, is also a very generous guy.

    His April 19, 2018 post provides a link to his Unleashing the Ideavirus . (I realize ‘virus’ is an unwelcome word since last March, but hey, let’s look at it in a different context.)

    And if you’re short of time, here is a summary of the book.

    Enjoy. Hope you learn a little…or a lot.

    Forge ahead!

    Side Hustle Spark 192: How to be remarkable (Seth Godin)

    Hope you enjoy and benefit from this two-minute curation of Seth Godin’s How to be remarkable blog post.

    If nothing else, this post should steer you toward his blog/daily email subscription.

    Forge ahead!

    And now, time for book recommendations…or shameless commercialism…or both. Okay, there are definitely book recommendations…

    These seven books are go-to sources of inspiration and valued experience. These are affiliate links which, if you use to preview and buy the product, won’t raise the product’s price and will earn me a commission. At that point, I’ll be that much closer to buying that unclaimed island in the Caribbean. Please don’t ask for the island’s coordinates. It is mine and you can’t have it. ;->

    These books cut across so many lines of productivity and accomplishment. Whether you use these links or go elsewhere, get your hands on these.

    Side Hustle Spark 130: Unleashing the Ideavirus

    It’s Seth Godin’s ebook–the third item down on his ‘free content’ page.

    But…can Seth Godin actually write? ;-]

    A partial list of his titles:

    His latest, The Practice, was just released on November 9.


    • Linchpin [The first one I bought back in 2006.]
    • All Marketers Tell Stories
    • The Dip [A Little Book That Tells You When to Quit, and When to Stick]
    • Permission Marketing
    • Poke The Box: When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time? [I just ordered this. Too intriguing to pass up.]

    Reminder! No affiliations here, just wanting to pass along items that I hope will be helpful.