What you will notice about this site…

I’m going with low-cost tools.

I want to typify a new side hustler’s possible first steps.

So, I’m just using Gmail without a personalized domain.

And I use Pixabay and Unsplash for images. [Apologies ahead of time if I forget to attribute the work to the artist. Feel free to remind me to do so.]

Part of this inspiration came from Chris Guillebeau’s book The $100 Startup.

— My links are non-affiliated. In other words, I just like the products I mention or recommend and am not profiting from those links. If that policy changes, I’ll let you know.

— I’ll make mistakes, perhaps on purpose, so I–AND YOU–can learn from them.

— I’ve written for many years and I provide generally mistake-free copy. BUT I’m working on following the credo of ‘Done is better than perfect…because perfect is impossible anyway’ .
In fact, I’m going to publish this post even though it isn’t as complete as I would like. [I’m in the middle of a Pat Flynn e-mail strategies webinar.]

Before I click ‘Publish’,
by all means check in with questions and requests at:

My first suggestions…

Two free courses from Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome.com:

Start from Scratch [free for a limited time]

Zero-to-100 Email Challenge

Pat offers what I call ‘building blocks’ thinking in Start from Scratch and the Zero-to-100 Email Challenge will help beginners take first steps in finding an audience. That first person you’ve helped can be a stepping stone, a source of feedback, and even a possible first testimonial.

Welcome to Side Hustle Curator!

My name is Tim Haag and I’ve been blogging off and on for over a decade.

Even then, I was looking for blog ideas…or I thought a vicious squirrel was headed my way.

One topic that caught my interest–oh, about early 2015–was reinvention. It felt like a time to take a look at trying new things.

And what came along, but the concept of ‘side hustle’.

Why did I create this site? Because the whole side hustle movement is interesting to me and ever-evolving and populated with a number of helpful, generous folks I respect. I will aim to steer you to those people.

I’ll be writing from experience, especially in confronting ‘shiny object’ syndrome. You will do well to follow this site’s mantra: “Do as I share, not as I do.”  In other words, because I’m vetting [and have explored] plenty of different resources, my own efforts to ‘help myself’ may look different from my efforts to help you.

So, just stick with the resources and see what works best for you.

Just as important: send along requests for information. Researching for others was one of my favorite parts of my jobs as a classroom teacher, writer, and instructional technologist.

So, write me at: sidehustlecurator@gmail.com . Let me know how I can help.