Side Hustle Spark 253: Topic ideas from Blog Tyrant–hack list, expert roundup, and more

I really do appreciate Blog Tyrant.

This 2019 post19 Different Types of Blog Posts That Work For Any Niche is a prime example of evergreen content that you might want to revisit every month.

I know I’ve been banging the ‘blog post’ drum a bit lately, but I’m hoping one or more ideas will resonate with you.

Forge ahead!

Side Hustle Spark 205: “Organize your stuff!” Today: Blogging Content

Gee, you’d think after 200+ posts, I might get around to organizing some of the content.

So I’m working on a page where posts are sorted out by tags and categories.

Here is the beginning of my organizing process. More will be added, of course.

For now, I hope the topic-centered approach is helpful.

Topic: Blogging

Side Hustle Spark 187: Check out Blog Tyrant (Increase Blog Comments)


Just pointing you to another solid advice checklist–this one from Blog Tyrant.

With its table of contents of anchor-links and its illustrative examples, this post on sparking engagement on your site is a keeper.

A few more helpful links on Blog Tyrant

Start a new blog

5-Step Process to Profitable Blogging

Forge ahead, folks.

Coming up: A Side Hustle Task Tracker from Chris Guillebeau