Side Hustle Spark 187: Check out Blog Tyrant (Increase Blog Comments)


Just pointing you to another solid advice checklist–this one from Blog Tyrant.

With its table of contents of anchor-links and its illustrative examples, this post on sparking engagement on your site is a keeper.

A few more helpful links on Blog Tyrant

Start a new blog

5-Step Process to Profitable Blogging

Forge ahead, folks.

Coming up: A Side Hustle Task Tracker from Chris Guillebeau

Side Hustle Spark 117: Kyle Baker on Quora

Yesterday I steered you toward Quora.

As I reviewed responses, I came across Kyle Baker’s work.

He darn near delivers a mini-course in this one Quora answer.

Below are four of his seven components: [Just the titles. Click here for greater detail.]

  • #1 – Determine the Type of Blog You Want to Run
  • #2 – Determine Your Niche… Passion and Knowledge Become Profits
  • #3 – Purchase a Brandable Domain Name
  • #6 – Determine User Intent

Keep learning, folks. I hope some of this moves you forward.

Suggestion 83: Monetizing Your Blog–tips from

Moving on to the third section from ryrob’s 40 Blogging Tips and Advice From Top Bloggers in 2020Monetizing Your Blog.

Points to consider:

  1. Treat your blog like a real business.
  2. Work backwards–pinpoint profit opps, then create targeted content.
  3. Your blog should be a jumping off point for your services/products.
  4. You and your team should play the ‘long game’.
  5. Ideal customer, ideal customer, ideal customer.
  6. Leave your comfort zone.


Tim Soulo, Nathan Barry, Preston Lee, Adam Enfroy, Darren Murph, Jon Morrow, Adda Birnir,

Suggestion 82: Growing Your Blog–tips from

Still curating content from ryrob’s 40 Blogging Tips and Advice From Top Bloggers in 2020.

A few paraphrased nuggets from the second section, Growing Your Blog.

  1. Every time you communicate, you’re selling. Add value each time you post. — Hiten Shah
  2. Create meaningful connections with readers. — Mariah Coz
  3. Get out from behind your screen and meet people. — Tommy Griffith
  4. Early on, build habits that lead to later success. — James Clear
  5. Read your competitor’s content, then one-up it. — Garrett Moon
  6. Find your readers, then reach out. — Poornima Vijayashanker
  7. Produce where your audience already is. [ex.] –Austin Belcak
  8. Goal: Consistently great content at rates steered by reader response.
  9. Build your email list from Day 1. — Alexis Grant

Suggestion 81: 40 blogging tips from

Thought you’d like this item from Ryan Robinson’s site, I came across 40 Blogging Tips and Advice From Top Bloggers in 2020.

The four main categories are in the above word cloud.

A few paraphrased nuggets from the first section, Launching Your Blog.

  1. Set realistic expectations. — Ryan Robinson
  2. Embrace a mindset of experimentation. — Ryan Robinson
  3. Prepare to sacrifice plenty of time. — Michelle Schroeder
  4. Your blog is a product that should stand out from others. — Brian Dean
  5. Blog time should be morning time. — Pat Flynn
  6. Dive in feet-first and conviction-first. Then sharpen your voice. — Gaby Dalkin
  7. Early on, learn from the people you know and follow. — Chris Guillebeau
  8. Answer the question: “What value do you bring?” — Rob Palmer
  9. You have to start somewhere and sometime…like now! Improvement will come with time. — Shane Barker; Jeff Haden; John Rampton
  10. Stick to your own convictions, despite conventional knowledge. [Including this list!] — Anna Vital
  11. Learn from other niches/segments and apply to your own. — Grace and Silas Moser
  12. Focus on what sets you and your content apart. — Selena Taylor
  13. Consider guest-posting. — Jeff Goins
  14. “What’s your competitive advantage?” — Chase Dimond
  15. Publish only your best content–think quality over quantity. — Kyle Byers
  16. Start with small, reasonable goals and build from there. — Steli Efti

Suggestion 80:


As curators do, I was cruising online this morning.

I ran across Ryan Robinson’s site.

Yes, I follow side hustling…and yes, some probably obvious success stories slide right past me.

I guess this is one of them.

With an audience of 500,000, Ryan Robinson is all about creating popular, and thus, profitable blogs.

Go right to his This is my best content page for some instant resources.

Suggestion 66: Revisit the art of blogging (Christian Mihai)

In this post, Cristian Mihai of addresses bloggers’ doubts about the effectiveness of their efforts. [Note: Spend more time at his site.]

A key excerpt from his The Best Way to Learn Something Is to Try to Teach It section:

“In order to develop a beginner’s mindset we must:

  1. be willing to admit that we know nothing
  2. let go of our desire to be right
  3. be curious to know more about the perspectives and ideas of those around us”

And really, aren’t we all just beginners?

“Allow yourself to be a beginner.
No one starts off being excellent.” 
― Wendy Flynn

I’m always happy to learn the perspectives of others, so feel free to chime in.

**Yes, I should be taking more instruction on blogging and I’ll get to that, but my priority here is to help spread others’ wisdom and experience and resources.