Side Hustle Spark 201: Sharpen your blog posts with Copyblogger’s checklist

More quality content from Copyblogger and Stefanie Flaxman.

Here is the link to the one-minute video curation. The image above is also linked.

It’s meant to give you an overview of the checklist items, but I encourage you to hit that ‘pause’ button to read the entire post.

Why no audio? I’m figuring if you’re looking at this on your phone in a public setting, you may not want to mess with volume controls. And the writer’s words do just fine without my commentary.

Why not just click to the post? Absolutely, but some folks might just want the device to guide them through the content.

This post raised plenty of points to explore and clarify. I have to better understand ‘featured images’ and the ‘more’ tag.

Hope this gives you a little help as you create your own content.

This content works for folks in all stages of their side hustles, so, by all means, pass this along.

Side Hustle Spark 200: Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards (2020)

Photo by Vale Zmeykov on Unsplash

A tip of the cap and a follow-up post to acknowledge Fast Company’s spurring innovation on many levels.

Here is a rundown of the winners of their 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards.

Some of these may have no relevance to you, but some may just land in your wheelhouse and correlate directly to your business.

And don’t discount the power of cross-pollinating ideas. Something that doesn’t speak directly to your audience might still spark an idea for problem-solving, marketing, or a new product.