Suggestion 66: Revisit the art of blogging (Christian Mihai)

In this post, Cristian Mihai of addresses bloggers’ doubts about the effectiveness of their efforts. [Note: Spend more time at his site.]

A key excerpt from his The Best Way to Learn Something Is to Try to Teach It section:

“In order to develop a beginner’s mindset we must:

  1. be willing to admit that we know nothing
  2. let go of our desire to be right
  3. be curious to know more about the perspectives and ideas of those around us”

And really, aren’t we all just beginners?

“Allow yourself to be a beginner.
No one starts off being excellent.” 
― Wendy Flynn

I’m always happy to learn the perspectives of others, so feel free to chime in.

**Yes, I should be taking more instruction on blogging and I’ll get to that, but my priority here is to help spread others’ wisdom and experience and resources.