Side Hustle Spark 250: Content Marketing Course (Free)

This is a two hour course on YouTube provided by Simplilearn.

Show notes include the following information:

Below are the links to each of the topics.

00:00:00​ What is content marketing

00:14​ 13 Content marketing tutorial

00:19:19​ Content marketing strategies

00:52:16​ Content Marketing And SEO

00:59:09​ How to rank # on Google

01:16:55​ How to rank on Youtube

01:32:55​ Beginners Guide To Content Marketing 2020

01:44:20​ Content marketing Interview Q and A

02:02:42​ Introduction to Content Marketing Certification Training

Here also is the link to simplilearn’s free digital marketing course.

Side Hustle Spark 181: Check out

While reading The Do’s and Don’ts of Publishing on, I learned about

You can subscribe to their how-to guides, here.

A realization: It’s entirely possible that the more resources I send you to, the less you’ll need to check in here. While I’m not trying to steer you away, hey, if the destinations help you more than this blog, then I guess ‘mission accomplished’.

Forge ahead!.

I promise I’ll keep plugging, myself.