Side Hustle Spark 236: More writing freebies from Scribe Media

I’ve posted resources from Scribe Media in the past. Today’s post pretty much packages everything I’d promoted in those earlier posts. Enjoy!

Here now is BookSchool, with links to:

** four self-directed courses covering the topics highlighted in the word cloud above

** a download link to Tucker Max’s book, The Scribe Method

** a link to Scribe Media’s YouTube Channel

** a link to their podcast

Other Scribe Media resources can be found here.

Speaking of writing…and sharing the admirable work of others…time for my own book recommendations…

These seven titles are go-to sources of inspiration and valued experience. These are affiliate links which, if you use to preview and buy the product, won’t raise the product’s price and will earn me a commission. At that point, I’ll be that much closer to buying that unclaimed island in the Caribbean. Please don’t ask for the island’s coordinates. It is mine and you can’t have it. ;->

This list cuts across so many lines of productivity and accomplishment. Whether you use my links or go elsewhere, get your hands on these.

For a subject-by-subject look at sidehustlecurator,
check out my Posts Organized by Topic page.

Forge ahead, side hustlers!

Suggestion 30: Tune into John Lee Dumas.

Image by Richard Maguluko from Pixabay 

First of all, a reminder: SideHustleCurator is all about enlightening new side hustlers and/or reminding experienced side hustlers of successful entrepreneurs and strategies.

So, many of you know of John Lee Dumas and he may well be a model of success you would like to emulate, if even on a much smaller scale.

I mean, 2000+ podcast episodes…a May 2020 income total of $232,000…talk about follow-through and…


Cruise through his Entrepreneur on Fire website.

Free Courses include:


Other thoughts:

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
― Mattie Stepanek


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