Side Hustle Spark 192: How to be remarkable (Seth Godin)

Hope you enjoy and benefit from this two-minute curation of Seth Godin’s How to be remarkable blog post.

If nothing else, this post should steer you toward his blog/daily email subscription.

Forge ahead!

And now, time for book recommendations…or shameless commercialism…or both. Okay, there are definitely book recommendations…

These seven books are go-to sources of inspiration and valued experience. These are affiliate links which, if you use to preview and buy the product, won’t raise the product’s price and will earn me a commission. At that point, I’ll be that much closer to buying that unclaimed island in the Caribbean. Please don’t ask for the island’s coordinates. It is mine and you can’t have it. ;->

These books cut across so many lines of productivity and accomplishment. Whether you use these links or go elsewhere, get your hands on these.