Side Hustle Spark 204: Bloggers’ reports and best affiliate marketing blogs

Some of the affiliate blogs mentioned in the post

Click the image above for a one-minute peek at two sites delivered in my feed.

I’ve also added a link to Ryan Robinson’s latest income report. People seemed to appreciate a previous post to an earlier income report of his.

Just for grins, here is a look at Create and Go’s income report.

Links to the posts highlighted in the video are below:

18 Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs & Affiliate Marketers Every Beginner Should Follow in 2021

100 Blog Income Reports to Inspire Your Blogging Journey (Note: some reports date back to 2017, but can still serve as a tool for inspiration.)

Side Hustle Spark 128: Look behind the curtain at

Yep, I’ve never really spent time looking at online entrepreneurs’ income reports. A lost opportunity to learn. [Challenge: Get past the ‘Geez, I’m getting left in the dust!’ reaction and strap on your thinking cap.]

Here is expert blogger Ryan Robinson’s October income report…

What stands out:

  • Net profit: $19,356.67 [a drop in revenue! I’m thinking a number of you might endure that kind of decrease.]
  • Affiliate earnings from Bluehost: $16,750 [whoa!]
  • Blog traffic: 321, 352
  • New email subscribers: 2,476 [also a decrease, which tells you he’s still doing a lot of things right.]

Look for yourself and check out both his earnings and expenses. You may well learn of some new digital tools and pick up hints about Ryan Robinson’s approach and strategies.