Side Hustle Spark 226: ‘Focus on you, not the others’.

I saw this quote on LinkedIn, posted by Lewis Howes, and I really liked it.

And while I do like sharing quotes, I also aim to make sure of the original source **.

So I did a quick Google Image search and the quote has been attributed to:
​Manish Gupta or…Khushi or…Bipul Chauhan or…Ice T…or…Lewis Howes​

The message: Lots of wisdom out there, but who shared it first? Sometimes it’s a matter of rolling the dice.

Kind of reminds me of various veterinarians’ response when I ask the breed of my rescue dogs:
“What breed do you want it to be?”

Anyway, bottom line: Aim for your own approval and acceptance.

Forge ahead!

** I’m too busy baking scones or writing my books or thinking about writing my books or washing dishes or decluttering or thinking about decluttering or catering to my dog’s every need to come up with something this insightful.

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