Side Hustle Spark 305: A flood of marketing audio

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

HubSpot chimes in with links to 27 marketing podcasts.

Should be interesting for you to:
— Track down new ones that speak to your specific needs.
— See which ones you already follow, kind of a pat on the back for being–literally–tuned in.

Some that piqued my interest:

My First Million

The Digital Marketing Podcast

The Market Your Genius Podcast

Again, here’s the link.

Happy Listening.

Side Hustle Spark 209: 16 Marketing Strategies for 2021 (

Once again, the pure act of my version of curation pays off with new sites, new terms, and new acronyms…

I learned lots from this post by Michal Pecánek.

From the ‘Yes, I am and probably always will be a newbie’ department: Stuff I didn’t know or hadn’t thought of–newsjacking, featured snippets, more alternatives to Google, Quora marketing, brand codes, and HARO (‘Help a reporter out’) requests.

And now, time for book recommendations…or shameless commercialism…or both. Okay, there are definitely book recommendations…

These seven books are go-to sources of inspiration and valued experience. These are affiliate links which, if you use to preview and buy the product, won’t raise the product’s price and will earn me a commission. At that point, I’ll be that much closer to buying that unclaimed island in the Caribbean. Please don’t ask for the island’s coordinates. It is mine and you can’t have it. ;->

These books cut across so many lines of productivity and accomplishment. Whether you use these links or go elsewhere, get your hands on these.