Side Hustle Spark 173: A Side Hustle Reading List

Most of us have a favorite book that spurred us to explore this side-gig world.

I went to Quora to track down a discussion of favorite side hustle books and clicked to this page by Sushen Jamwal, where he offers quick summaries and convenient links to previews and to Amazon.

Hovering questions: Aren’t you leaving out [name your favorite side hustle book/author]? Aren’t there more recent titles?

Well, I’m glad you asked that…whoever you are. I’ll further explore.

For now, here are the authors from Sushen’s list: [They’re also listed among my tags.]

Side Hustle Spark 102: Freebie email course (Meera Kothand)

Here is a link to Meera Kothand’s free Email Lists for Newbies.

She has churned out helpful (and affordable) books: But I’m Not An Expert, The One-Hour Content Plan, and 300 Email Marketing Tips, among others. (not affiliate links)

For more resources, spend time at her website. (Future posts will most likely point you to some of those same items.)