Suggestion 78: The 7-Day Startup by Dan Norris

So, this is a different curation path to information and insights for side hustlers.

I’m sending you to the Goodreads page of quotes from Dan Norris’ The 7 Day Startup. This path gives visitors a good overview of the book, as well as the author’s voice and viewpoint.

Five of my favorites that I need to take to heart as I build my own short course on writing.

  • the book’s subtitle: “You don’t learn until you launch.”
  • “common MVP mistake is over-emphasizing the “minimum” and under-emphasizing the “viable.” 
  • “Hustle for an early stage startup is generally about spending your time on the things that are most likely to bring you customers.” 
  • “Save your excitement until you land people you don’t know as customers.”
  • “Anti-hustle is what wantrepreneurs do. They do everything other than what needs to be done.”

As stated before, no affiliate links. Just wanting to give you some ideas and/or forward nudges to help you in your hustles.

Wishing you multiple steps forward today.

Suggestion 42: Revisit ‘minimum viable product’.

Entrepreneur Magazine offers these 5 Criteria to Master Before Launching an MVP [Note: Follow their related links.]

  1. Clearly define your target. [Nothing so generic that it doesn’t leave an impression.]
  2. Design for scale. [But not toooo specific and narrow.]
  3. Disrupt and differentiate. [Seinfeld had his ‘show about nothing’. Find the opening in the market and fill it.]
  4. Compete on price…but deliver profits. [Set a ‘disruptive price point’, but one that is still worth your while. I know, easier said than done, but that lower price will at least keep folks’ attention.]
  5. Solve a problem. [Fill a customer’s want or need of a solution, not your own need to realize a vision.]

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