Side Hustle Spark 107: Pat Flynn’s Podcasting the Smart Way (Freebie)

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If you haven’t tried podcasting for any number of reasons [time constraints, ‘my voice sounds geeky’, ‘I don’t have enough to say’, paralyzing fear of failure and embarrassment…okay, okay, not exactly talking it up, am I?], give this a try tomorrow.

Yes, there will most likely be a pitch to join a paid program, but Pat Flynn always shares plenty during his free sessions.

From his weekly The Smart Digest (Oct. 2): “Learn how to create a podcast that gets found and helps grow your business! In this free webinar on October 6 at 11:00 Pacific, Pat will share strategies he has used on his award-winning podcasts, the Smart Passive Income Podcast and the AskPat Podcast, as well as methods used by his hundreds of podcasting students. You’ll get advice on:

  • Why to start a podcast
  • How to get started
  • What to do to get started

Here is the link to register.

Reminder: Just passing along resources that might be helpful for you or any of your acquaintances/family, etc. No profit or perks are forthcoming from the subjects of these posts.
Forge ahead, side hustlers!

Suggestion 81: 40 blogging tips from

Thought you’d like this item from Ryan Robinson’s site, I came across 40 Blogging Tips and Advice From Top Bloggers in 2020.

The four main categories are in the above word cloud.

A few paraphrased nuggets from the first section, Launching Your Blog.

  1. Set realistic expectations. — Ryan Robinson
  2. Embrace a mindset of experimentation. — Ryan Robinson
  3. Prepare to sacrifice plenty of time. — Michelle Schroeder
  4. Your blog is a product that should stand out from others. — Brian Dean
  5. Blog time should be morning time. — Pat Flynn
  6. Dive in feet-first and conviction-first. Then sharpen your voice. — Gaby Dalkin
  7. Early on, learn from the people you know and follow. — Chris Guillebeau
  8. Answer the question: “What value do you bring?” — Rob Palmer
  9. You have to start somewhere and sometime…like now! Improvement will come with time. — Shane Barker; Jeff Haden; John Rampton
  10. Stick to your own convictions, despite conventional knowledge. [Including this list!] — Anna Vital
  11. Learn from other niches/segments and apply to your own. — Grace and Silas Moser
  12. Focus on what sets you and your content apart. — Selena Taylor
  13. Consider guest-posting. — Jeff Goins
  14. “What’s your competitive advantage?” — Chase Dimond
  15. Publish only your best content–think quality over quantity. — Kyle Byers
  16. Start with small, reasonable goals and build from there. — Steli Efti

Suggestion 69: Excerpts from a Pat Flynn-Chris Guillebeau interview

I recently suggested listening to Pat Flynn’s SPI podcast #211 interview of Chris Guillebeau.

I decided as a curator, I needed to step it up a bit so here are some choice excerpts from that 2016 interview:

“…most of what I’ve done has just been consistently putting stuff out, which is what you’ve done as well. I think that is the best long term strategy. You can’t really have a strategy for going viral. It just happens.”


“If people are asking the same questions, pay attention because it’s showing you a couple of things. It’s showing that people recognize you as this authority in a certain area, and they also have this desire for information that’s valuable to them.”


“What I did see from these successful people is that they actually tended to make a lot of mistakes. There’s not many career mistakes you can make that you can’t recover from. They made mistakes. They were willing to give up on something and go back to a different path, or a different fork in the road. They were willing to experiment.”


“One of the best things you can do, I think even if you love your job, is to actively build this side hustle. Even if it’s not making a huge amount of money, what I’ve seen and I’m sure many of your listeners as well, it’s disproportionately satisfying. It’s incredibly rewarding the first time you get $50 in your Paypal or something. It’s just great.”

Pat: “$1.18 in AdSense.  It’s what changed everything for me.”


“To me the whole goal is not necessarily become a full-time entrepreneur. The whole goal is opportunity and possibility and creating that for yourself.”


Pat: “As a writer, how do you get into the flow?”

Chris: “I’m not a big fan of, I’m being inspired I guess, or getting into the flow. To me, I’m a big fan of sitting down and okay, now I’m going to get to work. It doesn’t always work that way. I definitely struggle and get stuck with things…”


“If you’re like, ‘Wow, that sounds great. That’s really big, how do I do that?’ Here’s what you can do. Every single day at the end of the day, you just get out your journal, and you answer a couple of questions. You’re like, “Today, what did I do that gave me energy? What did I do that drained my energy?” This sounds like woo woo question, but it’s actually very practical. If you look at okay, here are the things that made me come alive. How can I do more of that tomorrow?”

Suggestion 68: Past chats between Pat Flynn and Chris Guillebeau

I figure, why not combine the knowledge and experience of two side hustle notables? Here are two of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcasts featuring Chris Guillebeau.

World Domination and the $100 Startup
How to Know What You Were Born to Do

These episodes [#38 and #211] take us back to 2012 and 2016, but sometimes older content can be more instructive than the newest and latest.

For a quick episode overview, scroll down to the ‘You’ll Learn’ section.

Scroll further for a ‘Download the Transcript’ button.

Taking a first step

In Suggestion 45, I encouraged you/me/us to take a forward step or two in your side hustles.

I realize that every day you’re taking forward steps. Researching is a forward step. Tweeting out a mini-promo of your hustle is a forward step. Reading for inspiration is too.

But I guess I was aiming at exploring ‘something new’.

So I followed through. Here…

As the page tells you, I’ll be following a guide. In fact, I plan on relying on advice from various sources, many of whom you’ve seen mentioned here.

So feel free to check in as I wend my way through the process.

Nothing fancy. Nothing dramatic. Just a way to keep me exploring and to step up my game a bit.

Suggestion #13: 10 Questions: Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Matrix

So far in this blog, I’ve shared plenty from three main folks: Pat Flynn, Chris Guillebeau, and Nick Loper. Certainly, others have plenty to offer and I will continue pass that along to you.

But…if I had no plan for a given day’s blog post, I would serve you well by parsing and posting an item from either of those three specialists.

Thus, today’s suggestion: Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Idea Selection Process


My Manifesto


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Suggestion #12: Pat Flynn freebie for course creators

The Smart Passive Income site also offers The SPI Essential Guide to Online Courses.


  • The five most common objections people have to creating an online course. Trust me–almost all of us have run these through our heads.
  • The top 11 mistakes to avoid when creating the course. [Hey, based on my own attempts,I could have written this!]
  • Examples of successful online courses and their origins.

Have a great weekend! Take care of yourselves…your family members [and pets]…and others you encounter. [Notice I didn’t say ‘run into’. Bad choice of words, right? That would imply you were well within six feet of each other. ;->]

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